Natural Remedy for Rosacea

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Completely by accident, I have found something...

Completely by accident, I have found something that seems to be helping my Rosacea (pustular type) / Seborrheic Dermatitis. I've had the two for years and for the last few years the redness and bumps never go away and the rash was all over my face - cheeks, sides of chin, eyebrows , forehead - everywhere. I've used prescription medications - ketoconazole / Fiancee, etc. They work to a certain degree but when I stop the rash comes back even worse than before. I got tired of all the creams and the laser treatment that I had a few years ago, was OK for awhile but its super expensive and needs to be done annually (my doc charges >$600 a treatment and I need 2-3 per year). At this point I just didn't give a ____ what I looked like anymore. I was tired of it all. Anyway, I have a uterine fibroid that was growing to point of requiring surgery, and I am not a fan of surgery. So I started to do a little research and there have been some studies that found Egcg (extract from green tea) to sharing the fibroid. More research indicated taking it with Fish oil enhances absorption. So I started taking Fish Oil (1400mg / 980 mg Omega 3) and Egcg (400mg) every morning. What I noticed by the end of the first week was something unexpected - my facial redness and flaking was dissapearing. I still have a little bit of a rash on my chin area but I would say overall I have at least 75% (conservatively if not more) improvement in the appearance of my skin. I'm shocked. I just hope its working on the fibroid too. Anyway, I want to increase the dose to twice a day but for that I need to get blood work follow-ups because there is some anecdotal accounts of liver problems with high doses of egcg. If anyone else tries this can you respond and let me know if it worked for your rosacea too?