My BBL journey AFTER Butt Injections! Its happening!

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Ok, so I am the fool that fell for the OKEY DOKE!...

Ok, so I am the fool that fell for the OKEY DOKE! 6 years ago I was young with self-esteem issues about my appearance, specifically my pancake flat ass! Don't get my wrong I am a beautiful black woman, however, when you're newly divorced, down 30lbs and trying to do all the things that make "YOU" happy bad decisions can and will fall through the cracks. I knew the danger of getting these injections, but I thought I was invincible "oh that won't happen to me," I'll follow the aftercare directions (prescribed by the person who's not a nurse or doctor). I'll eat healthy (while allowing someone to inject this unknown substance into your healthy body), these are the things that I thought about yet I still proceeded; sure did, right to the ER when my ass started to leak and I felt weak from the silicone oil. I scared the shit out of my mother, whom I only told after I got the injections and while it looked nice for about 1 week everything went downhill from there. I caught a staph infection while being treated in the hospital and my butt is noticeably discolored (doesn't bother me or affect my sex life but its still there). After I had finished my antibiotics, I went to see a Chinese herbalist to so that I could rid my body of all the toxins that had been injected (@ the hospital I was also diagnosed with sepsis; which means blood infection by means of chemicals) therefore I needed to clean my blood. The result from one really poor decision was that I was able to live and learn from my mistake which many women have not been afforded. I am healthy almost 7 years later says my doctor and if I stopped lighting the L's I could run a marathon, which I've already stopped doing since having my two beautiful, healthy babies. This is not a horror story because I survived, but I want this to serve as a warning to many women looking to get this done the "wrong way" please don't the same amount of money you spend on the illegal crap can be used to slim your waist and give you some ass! Hell, it may even cost less because you save on all the additional shots needed to keep up that booty, potential hospital bills, and corrective surgery! Now that I've gotten that out the way, I have been stalking real self and many of you women for 2 years now and only recently did I actually create a profile because my husband and I have agreed that I should find a Licensed Plastic Surgeon to (1) correct the mistake I made by getting those God awful injections and (2) get my pre-pregnancy body back! The search is daunting because many doctors refuse to touch someone who has silicone injections, and I want to stay in the United case you're wondering why (1) because I have a complicated case to begin with because not only have I had the injections but I have a repaired umbilical hernia which may prove to be challenging for lipo. Additionally, (yep wait there's more!) I did have a staph infection and to boot my damn blood type is O-NEGATIVE!!!! Which means that while my blood can be universally used by others, I can only receive O-Negative blood (IKR smh!) so should some shit pop off where I need a transfusion, it may be difficult to locate because O-negative people represent only 6.6% of the population. But I shall remain optimistic! I believe that my doctor is out there and while I want to remain in the U.S. if I have to take my ass to the DR to get some help me and my suitcase filled with O-negative blood will be on the next thang smokin!** **Please note that I mention the DR because, from my research, they have extensive experience performing surgeries on women who have had illegal injections of all kinds. Ladies if you know of any doctors who are comfortable performing surgery on "the injected" please do share! Private msg me if you wish to remain anonymous that'll work too! C'mon ladies lets get this show on the road my care credit card is locked and loaded!

Curious to know if you ladies with previous injections are telling the doctors prior to surgery??

Just out of curiosity, are you ladies who've had butt injections prior to bbl telling your doctors? I have looked at many pre surgery pics and some of you have had injections (you can usually tell) so I'm just curious as to whether your dr. knows for my own research; many of the doctors that I have reached out to say they don't perform this surgery on the previously injected but many of the women who's photos I've seen have clearly gotten injections before.....if you want to remain anonymous would you mind private messaging me?

Dr. Yily De Santos

So I reached out to Dr. Yily regarding my situation and Sasha replied within 3 days; I sent an email to She said she could do it based on the photos I sent. I asked if I could remain awake during surgery, which she told me that I couldn't and it wasn't optional due to the work (BBl, LIpo, TT). I also made sure to tell her that I didn't want anyone else performing surgery on me besides dr. yily should I decide to use her. The deposit is $400 and the cost for surgery including transportation and recovery house is $5200.00.

I haven't decided who I am going to as of yet but I certainly appreciate them responding and providing very thorough information regarding pricing as well as instructions!

I have attached screenshots of the email...

Happy Mothers Day ladies And God Bless!!

Just wanted to wish all the mommies and those playing mommy roles a Happy Mothers Day...may your day be as beautiful as you all!????????

I may have found "THE ONE"... Dr. Zayas, Could it be you???

Ok so I typed this out the other night laying in bed on my phone right, and I went to upload a pic and video of Dr. Velillas performing the biogel removal and when I went to press post update the entire text was GONE! Ya'll I was so done I thought "to hell with this update tonight" so here I am trying to post this for the SECOND TIME! LOL Anywho... So I've been in touch with Evolution Md in miramar florida after one of our realsister's TOOBRANDNEW gave me some hashtags to search on instagram with (granulomas;biopolymers incase you want to try em). I came across the biogel removal video with Dr. Velilla, and the sense of peace that came over me was AMAZING! The next day I gave them a call because I was up @ 4 something in the morning i-spying. I spoke with the sweetest woman ever...Carmela, a coordinator for Dr. Zayas who told me to send some pics (Im in Michigan) and she would get me a quote for everything no later than the following day. So the very next morning I checked my email to find (4) emails from Carmela detailing how the surgery would need to go. (1) I would have the silicone removed for $3000.00 and I could return (1) month later to have the bbl which is $6000.00 w/ local anesthesia ( I WANT TO BE AWAKE YALL, I WANNA SING N HIT HIGH NOTES LIKE K-MICHELLE ASS LOL) . I also inquired about a breast lift (ya girl has had 2 babies, 18mths apart so I needs to get these 36DDD puppies back at attention! That was $4000.00. Of course I am more concerned with the silicone removal and the bbl, these titties will have to wait! (I had C's in middle school, they ain't nothing new so I'll wait on those!). All in all, Im in for $13,000.00 which is not a bad price tag considering what I've endured! The bad part (duh duh duhnnnn) I have to get the removal first then wait (1) month to get bbl and I can't have breast lift and bbl at the same time; plus they don't have any openings until August but Carmela is going to check for any earlier dates so that I can get the removal out the way! I believe Dr. Zayas is the one, the drawback is that he's not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon ( that really bummed me out) however, his work speaks volumes and the concern he's shown for my health makes me feel at ease. Additionally, I would have to make 3 separate trips to Miami (1) removal (2) bbl (3) breast lift which is hard with work schedules and etc but I'm not gonna rush it, the last time I did that my ass got pumped fulla lead! (Any home alone addicts?? yes? no? maybe? LOL okay sooooo yeah thats where I am with it all! Send A prayer up for ya girl, I said I wanted to stay in the States and get that bombshell Brazilian-Colombian shape. I haven't signed on any dotted lines but Sr. Zayas is looking like a winner ( IM STILL READING REVIEWS) so prayers up up and away!! btw evolutions instagram page is doctorlipo or use hastags (biogel;silicone;hialuronicacid)

Research Research Research!!

I have been doing a lot of research just to familiarize myself with the doctors and their potential. Many of these doctors unbeknownst to many of us have long list of malpractice suits! You can go here to check (this is only for florida) (copy and paste link in url)

The reason it is important for me to have surgery done by a board certified plastic surgeon is (1) due to my situation with the silicone (my buttocks is not a simple bbl procedure it is reconstruction) and (2) largely due to the required additional training they must undergo.

Just FYI members of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are Plastic Surgery trained and ABMS Board certified Plastic surgeons

In order to be approved for and certified with the above credentials the doctors must……..

Thoroughly trained in plastic surgery within an ACGME approved Plastic Surgery program (the doctor is not trained in another medical field then assert they have expertise in plastic surgery)

Pass and become certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (The American Board of Medical Examiners (ABMS) is the only board authorized to certify surgeons in Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body)

Every 10 years the doctor must pass examination in plastic surgery to continue being certified.
Board Membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery is based on recommendation only and must pass a thorough background examination.
The doctor is to abide by the ASPS code of ethics.

The reason this is so important to me is because a lot of doctors such as dermatologist, internists, dentist etc who were not trained to perform only plastic surgery, have decided they should practice plastic surgery because the money’s good. Then in exchange for membership fees and dues they get these certificates to make us “the consumer believe that these accolades are recognitions to their “plastic surgery expertise.

Now I don’t know about you, but I understand that there are instances where experience may trump education and vise versa however, I just want my doctor to be as honest with me as I am with them!

Also, I am not judging anyone who decides to use someone who may not be certified, that is your business and you must do what works for you!

List of Doctors that I have identified as working on people w/injections

Please note this is not an all inclusive list, but if you know of a doctor who I may not have added please feel free to drop their info as this will help others who may be looking! (this is not a testament to their skills just a list of people known to work on "the injected")

Dr. Yily De Santos, Dominican Republic (does not remove)
Dr. Cesar Velilla, MD Miramar, FL (removes)
Dr. Jose Zayas, MD Miramar, FL (removes)
Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian Santa Monica, Ca (removes)
Dr. Pat Pazmino, MD Miami, FL ( I believe so but has never responded to my consult interest)
Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia Columbia (removes)
Dr. Kenneth B. Hughes, MD Los Angeles (removes)
Dr. Samir Shureih, MD Baltimore, MD ( I believe so but has never replied to consult interest)
Dr. Julian Gordon, MD Atlanta, GA (removes)
Dr. Yager Wholistic Dr New York (supposedly assists with detoxing chemicals)
Dr. Ayman Shahine, MD Manhattan NY (removes)
Dr. Norman Schulman Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, (removes)
Dr. Andrew Jimerson, MD (Dr. Curves) Atlanta, GA (he requires you to sign waiver)
Dr. Moises Salama in Miami, FL
Dr. Kevin Tehrani in Great Neck NY (removes)
Dr. Alberto S. Gallerani, MD Miami, FL(removes)
Dr. Tansar Naveed Mir NY (removes it and may also take insurance)
Dr. Rafael Salas (I believe awaiting, consult recommendations)

I hope this helps ladies I'll add more as I find out more....


I know a lot of women are concerned about qualifying for surgery and although I'm not worried so much about qualifying as much as I am about how much weight I should lose prior to so that I can have optimal results here is the link along with my current stats as of 05/17/2016 (copy and paste link in url)

Soooo here's some photos!

I was extremely reluctant to share my photos but whats a journey without the naked truth!

Price Quotes

Hey Loves, I have realized that the Miami doctors are giving out different prices but they do that depending on the location you called ...for instance if you're calling Dr. A @ his office but he also does work at Spectrum then you run the possibility of being quoted a different price. For instance, spectrum has a deal going for $4100 but if you go to Dr. A's private practice you could end up paying $6000.00 so again PLEASE DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! Search your doctor on real self and google; you may find that they work out of many different locations.


Ok so many of you know that I am doing a lot of research hoping to find the best dr to help with my situation. Well I searched plastic surgery safety in DR, MANNNNN look I have been CTFU!! Smh I guess Dr. P was like ya'll aint gon keep talking bout us like we ain't shit! LOL Please look at the pics. Realself sister, khloesmom1 it was an excellent question and I hope you don't mind me sharing it again.

Paying For Surgery

I understand it is difficult to want something so bad but not be able to pay for it, however the only thing I ask of you ladies is to not over extend yourselves when trying to pay for these procedures. I do credit restoration for a living so it was only natural that I throw that out there!

With that being said I am paying for my surgery via carecredit (once I decide to have the surgery lol). But during my research I have found some options that may be helpful depending on your credit situation.

Again, I have not personally used any of these people, however I do a little something about credit so if you have any "credit questions" please feel free to ask or send a pm.

Healthcare financing Options
Cosmetica Plastic Surgery financing
Care Credit financing
United Medical Credit
American Benefit Credit
My Medical Loan
Cosmetic Surgery Financing!apply-for-financing/galleryPage (aka Lending USA)
Medical Loan Finance
CosmiCredit (aka Lending USA)
Prosper Healthcare Lending
Alpaeon Credit

This list is not all inclusive just some options I came across. By the way, please do not murder your credit score by trying to "get approved" and fill out all of these hoping to get will bring your credit score DOWN and the lower the credit score the lesser the chance of you getting approved.

My RANT! I know some feathers may get ruffled but the truth hurts...

All too often I read the question and answer section where localized doctors are urging women to get plastic surgery performed in their home state, well home state doctors our asses (literally) wouldn't travel so far to have these procedures done if your ass wasn't so greedy, conservative in your approach and gave better results! Y'all want to charge 10,000 for a bbl procedure that doesn't include the braline WTF???? Can you imagine how adverse the outcome will be if you fail to properly shape the woman??? She is getting surgery done to highlight her ASS! How do you not include the braline or her back for that matter??? Then you all fail to look at the culture differences of each patient, I want an ass that's relative to my culture background please and thank you! Yes understand individually our preferences vary but I'm talking about the variations that occur on a larger scale based on race/ethnicity and many of you doctors aren't aware or just don't care. Which brings me to another point if your conservative ass tells me that you foresee 250ccs to 500ccs max in each check our consultation is done (this hasn't happened but I've seen pics where the women look like nothing changed based on those amounts). Prices ....Theses prices are horrible based on your current results (photos). As well as your background in the procedure and techniques! It is quite visible that many of you have not taken the time to perfect your craft regarding the Brazilian butt lift procedure and that's why women are going to Colombia DR and Miami! Think about it we can afford the procedure the recovery house insurance flight tickets hotels rentals passports etc and will still have saved money and gotten better results than we would've gotten had we chose you(it's the truth). My suggestion to you all is that you need to seriously consider playing catchup because many of you aren't really board certified plastic surgeons just doctors trying to keep money coming in and if you plan on doing that you're going to have to step it up a few notches! Liposuction is sub par, tummy tuck lines are directly below the navel SMH but y'all want us to stay here, not go to the DR, not go to Miami or Colombia!

Thank You Dr. Eppley for the good read on Silicone Injection Treatment!!

Please read courtesy of Dr. Eppley
The desire for a larger and more shapely buttocks has led to a surge in the number of buttock augmentation procedures performed today. While fat injections and implants make up the legitimate surgical methods to increase buttock size, there is a significant black market industry of buttock augmentation by a variety of unapproved injectable filler materials. The most commonly uses of these materials is silicone oil of various grades…none of them approved for human use for buttock augmentation.

Injecting silicone oils into subcutaneous tissues is known to potentially cause adverse tissue reactions and problems. These can include hard lumps, cellulitis and abscesses, pigmentation changes in the overlying skin and chronic pain. As a result the black market buttock injection industry has created numerous patients with chronic buttock problems….known as gluteal silicone toxicosis. This can be a very difficult problem to treat since removing the silicone material dispersed throughout the buttocks is impossible without wide excision and major buttock deformity.

In the March 2014 issue of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an article addressing the treatment of gluteal toxicosis appeared entitled ‘ Liposuction and Lipofilling for Treatment of Symptomatic Silicone Toxicosis of the Gluteal Region’. In this paper, liposuction was evaluated as a treatment method for this problem to maintain good buttock aesthetics and to limit the risk of complications. Eight patients (seven women and one man with an average age of 36 years old) ) were treated with combined liposuction and fat injections over a three year period. After one year after surgery, the patient’s pain levels were completely eliminated. No patients experienced any further infections or required ER visits or need for hospitalizations.

This study series support that liposuction with immediate fat transfer is a safe treatment that preserves aesthetic appearance and reduces or eliminates pain for patients with gluteal silicone toxicosis. While the liposuction extraction undoubtably does not remove all of the silicone material, it does break up the scar tissue and painful lumps of silicone and fibrosis. It then replaced this with new fat that is interspersed amongst the broken up tissue areas, creating more healthy tissue areas.

One approach that this study did not evaluate and can be considered for treating silicone buttock injection complications is what role does the liposuction play in its treatment. Since it can not remove all of the silicone and may only remove just a fraction of it, its purpose may be nothing more than to break up the scar tissue and granulomas and provide space for the injected fat. Thus, using the liposuction instruments for tunneling and not necessarily extraction may be just as effective and could result in a greater buttock size than before the treatment.

Eppley, B., Dr. (2014, April 13). Silicone buttock injections Archives - Explore Plastic Surgery - Dr. Barry Eppley. Retrieved May 24, 2016, from

My Visit to Masri Cosmetics

Well today I had an appoint with Rebecca a coordinator at Masri. She was pleasant and we talked mostly about the amount of women that come in having had these injections done and how they've been able to assist many of them. I'll meet with Dr. Sampson on Friday as he is the dr that performes the procedure. I had no idea that he worked out of Masri so I was a bit surprised when she mentioned it.

If you're wondering why I went to someone here in Michigan it's for a few reasons...
1. I want to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon so that I can get an in person opinion. The doctor will be able to touch and feel which is something that obviously a virtual consult cannot achieve.
2. I want to establish a relationship with a PS here so that in the even a complication should arise regardless of whether I went to him or not I'll be able to pick his brain!
3. I would love to be able to get this procedure done at home if the PS meets my many requirements and if not then I've lost nothing I'll still move forward as planned.

Everythingspeachybaby had this plastic surgery simulator and I've been playing around with it AND BABY IVE TAKEN MY SHAPE HERE THERE N EVERYWHERE ON THIS APP! It's kinda cool too!

Certified Plastic Surgeon aren't any better I see!

Ya'll know Im on a quest right but what I'm realizing is that the Certified Plastic Surgeons have the same quirks as the acting Cosmetic Surgeons! Many of the Certified PS's Ive tried to reach who can help with my situation are money hungry, are infatuated with becoming famous off "helping the previously injected" or are just unpleasant to deal with all the way around. I've had some that try to scare me into leaving it alone but want me to use them for the Breast Lift/Tummy Tuck or Lipo smh I can't deal! These mothafuckas is nuts, yall I have found cases where their licensed was suspended, and some of our beloveds have been botching bbl's from punctured diaphragms to ruptured kidney's! They aren't looking thoroughly into the patients medical history, and one of my serious hopeful's is now off my list! They've been caught doing medical billing fraud, one doctor has had her licensed revoked indefinitely and but you won't find that part listed! BTW, ya'll better watch that damn Cabral, I believe he may be burnt out because his death toll is steadily increasing...ya'll need to utilize the New Kids On the Block and let him gon' head and retire! Last but not least I want every last one of you to be happy in your own skin because you deserve it! We must CELEBRATE OURSELVES! But Ya'll please! I beg you, do your homework and BE CAREFUL ..Doctors are human and they make mistakes just like the rest of us but the difference is that for us Its Life or Death, and seeing as how Im still alive after getting these damn injections, I refuse to let a doctors negligence take me out the game!!!

Well I've moved forward and narrowed it down

This journey was a success, I've found 3 doctors 1 in Miami and guess what mamacitas???????? 2 in Michigan I know right?? Who the hell knew? 2 of them are board certified and 1 has extensive experience with (1) hernia repair (2) bariatric surgery andddd working on the previously injected!!! So I'm moving on to start a review about the actual bbl experience ... I'll continue to add info here whenever anything new develops! I'm geeked!

No Malpractice Insurance?? WTH

I am always conflicted when I post adverse information about doctors because I don't want to paint anyone in a negative light but on the other hand I want to share what I learn with all of you so please decide for yourselves and make your best decision about how to use the information provided.

So as I was background checking one of the doctors I have a consultation with tomorrow guess adn I learned... He has a couple violations anddddd the one thats important to me is the one about the woman who he performed lipo on and she experienced loss of consciousness but thats not it, while he was performing her surgery she wasn't connected to any monitors (reported by the paramedics) andddd he didn't follow up with her! Im irritated okay! But wait theres more so I told you all I was considering Salama, but guess what there's a review (its negative) on salama and she mentioned him not having any malpractice insurance, well its true he doesn't by why not though? Ughh

Here are reviews that have gotten lost in translation, somehow I didn't see this before and she was burned so badly she needed a skin graft ....
erTHIS is A Nightmare
RochellN34 has a bad experience:

Now look this is not intended to be a deterrent just useful information because this hasn't changed my mind about him, it just allows me to make an educated decision about my potential doctor. I also get to address these concerns with him. I want him to be aware that I KNOW these things have happened under his care and should I decide to use him, I will tell him to use the same care on me that he would use on his sister or daughter (of applicable).

Consultation w/ Dr. Elhorr

Upon arrival ( I was late; gps took me to his old office) the staff was really nice and the office is very calm, clean and smelt really good. Although I was damn near 30 mins late I was seen 5 mins after I arrived, weighed and taken into a patient room. The intake nurse asked a few questions regarding my history so I had to give her the full details about the injections (its always hard although Ive learned from it, it still makes one feel like an idiot a times, just my truth) and she was in awe but not in a judgmental way which was very reassuring.

Almost five minutes after she left Dr. Elhorr came in, introduced himself, he's an older gentleman, he eyes makes him look extremely younger than his build suggests. His hair is longer than it was in the photos on his website and he wore a scrub shirt with jeans and casual leather loafers with only added to his down to earth demeanor. After we got the pleasantries out the way he immediately asked about the silicone injections once we got over that, we talked about the actual procedure. Note: he's concerned about possible infection upon doing the fat transfer so he will do it in two procedures, the first is lipo of the full back, then he will add that to the butt and after one month I'll return to have my mid section done and the fat added again.

I am seriously considering him for the above reasons alone. I think that a two part session health wise is a good look not to mention result wise. My Quote is $5,750.00 for Liposuction of full back including flanks and Smart Lipo of the front upper and lower abdomen and BBL. There was $125.00 consultation fee which is added to your balance. I haven't signed on the dotted line but again I am considering it.



My interesting day @ the Doctor and Info to understand your blood work.

Well I went for my physical today as well as to go over my blood work. I learned that I am vitamin D deficient and my cholesterol level is high. I asked my internist if I was healthy enough for plastic surgery and she said that I was but due to my history, which includes a staph infection (MRSA) 6 years ago I will be scheduling an appt with an infectious disease doctor to check to see if I'm at increased risk of getting it again should I undergo this procedure. You can never be too careful.

So Lets move along to my bloodwork ....
1. Vitamin D was @8 and it needs to be @ 29 and above. They prescribed with 50,000IU of vitamin D to take for (1) wk for the next for wks and then it'll taper off to 14,000 per wk.
2. Cholesterol was @210 and it needs to be @199 or below. I need to change my eating habits!
3. Hemoglobin was @ 13 I'd like to see it around 14 so I'll continue taking my vitamins
I'm on Cod liver oil and Blood builder as of last week.

I have to pay close attention to the Differential blood count and Hemoglobin w/ Platelets area of my blood work because her is where this details info related to infections, allergies and viruses. As I mentioned I've had a staph infection (MRSA) before so I need to be especially careful.

MCV was 91.5: measures the average size of the red blood cells. Optimal Range: 81.0-101.0 fl
MCH was 30.3: reflects the average weight of hemoglobin found in the red blood cell......
Optimal Range: 27.9-33.3 PG
MCHC was 33.1: reflects the average amount of hemoglobin in the red blood cell.
Optimal Range: 31.9-35.9 g/dL
RDW was 13.3: which reflects the distribution of the size of the red blood cell population.
Optimal Range: 10.5-14.5%
MPV 8.8: reflects the average volume of platelets. Optimal Range: 5.7-11.7 fl
Platelets 231: Platelets help stop bleeding after an injury by gathering around the injury site, plugging the hole in the bleeding vessel and helping the blood to clot more quickly. optimal range:140-410

Differential Blood Count
There are five different types of white cells that make up the differential blood count. White blood cells (leukocytes) come in several shapes and sizes and can be identified by the laboratory instrument known as a hematology analyzer, or under a microscope.

Neurtrophils 41.4 Optimal Range: 41.4-74.4%
A high neutrophil count may be seen in infections, some cancers, arthritis, and sometimes when the body is under stress (for example after surgery, trauma, or a heart attack). A decreased neurtrophil may indicate liver damage, viral infections, lupus, drug reactions, anaphylactic shock, enlarged spleen, and damage to bone marrow.

Lymphocytes 47.7: Optimal Range: 24.0-44.0% function primarily to produce antibodies associated with immunity. An increased number of lymphocytes may be produced with a viral infection, bacterial infections, acute stress, chronic inflammatory disorders, and leukemia’s. A decreased number of lymphocytes may occur with chemo therapy and HIV.

Monocytes 8.3: Optimal Range: 0.0-10.0%
High levels of monocytes may indicate chronic infections, infections within the heart, collagen vascular diseases (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), and leukemia’s. Low levels of Monocytes may indicate bone marrow damage, or leukemia.

Eosinophils 2.0: Optimal Range: 0.0-4.7%
A high eosinophil count often indicates allergies, skin diseases, drug reactions, inflammatory disorder (celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease), parasitic infections, and some cancers, lymphomas, and leukemia’s. Low levels of eosinophils are usually not medically significant. Low levels may indicate stress or acute inflammatory states.

Basophils 0.6: Optimal Range: 0.0-1.6%
A high basophil may indicate rare allergic reactions, inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis), and some leukemia’s. Low levels of basophils are usually not medically significant. Low levels may indicate stress or acute inflammatory states.
White Blood Cell Count (WBC)

White blood count 6.4 Optimal Range: 3.7-10.7 K/mm3
WBC's are your body’s protectors. White blood cells are larger than red blood cells, but there are fewer of them.When you have an infection, an increased number of white blood cells are sent form the bone marrow to attack the bacteria or virus that is causing the infection. An increased number of white blood cells may occur with mild infections, appendicitis, pregnancy, leukemia, hemorrhage, and hemolysis. Strenuous exercise, emotional distress, and anxiety can also cause an increase in WBC. A low white blood cell count makes it harder for your body to fight off an infection. People with a low WBC are more likely to catch colds or other infectious diseases.
Red blood cells are the most common type of cell in the blood. Your body contains millions upon millions of these disc-shaped cells. Red blood cells are continuously produced by the bone marrow in healthy adults. The cells contain hemoglobin, which carries oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

Red blood Cells 4.28 Optimal Range: 3.95- 5.35 M/mm3
The RBC determines if the number of red blood cells in your body is low (called anemia) or high (called polycythemia). Common causes of an abnormal RBC are iron deficiency anemia due to chronic blood loss (i.e.: menstruation, small amounts of bleeding due to colon cancer), acute blood loss (i.e.: acute bleeding ulcer, trauma), and hereditary disorders (i.e.: sickle cell anemia). Polycythemia is relatively uncommon.

Info obtained from, hopes this helps others understand it certainly helped me.

FMLA, Vacation or Short term Disability

As I've been talking to family and friends regarding getting this procedure a primary concern about doing it is how to get time off from work. There are many options, you can use your vacation (although I'd rather use my vacation actually enjoying my new body on the beach somewhere but you get paid). You can use short term disability but you will have to provide your insurer documents from your physician. (keep in mind they don't have to know you had surgery, just tell them information on a need to know basis for instance, in many cases patient care instructions w/ restriction information is all that is needed. FMLA won't pay you while your off which is where your short term disability kicks in, but it will protect your job status while you're recuperating and can do so for up to 12 weeks (unpaid) per year. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives most workers the right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave annually for reasons of personal and family health. If the reason for an FMLA request is a serious illness, your employer may want a doctor’s certification, but CANNOT require you to provide actual medical records. The U.S. Department of Labor offers complete information on the operation of the FMLA, for both employees and employers. info courtesy of Privacy rights

Understanding Tumescent Liposuction!

I wanted to understand how exactly how this liposuction thing works because I am getting local anesthesia (I want to be awake).....
Microcannular tumescent liposuction

The word “tumescent” means swollen and firm.[8,9] This technique involves subcutaneous infiltration of large volumes of crystalloid fluid called Klein’s solution, which contains low concentrations of lignocaine and epinephrine, followed by suction-assisted aspiration of fat by using small aspiration cannulae called microcannuale.

The procedure of microcannular tumescent liposuction consists of two steps:

A. Induction of anaesthesia by tumescent anaesthesia:
Making 4–8 small incisions called adits (1–3 mm in size)
Introduction of a large amount (1–4 L) of Klein’s solution into the fat. Klein’s solution contains lignocaine, epinephrine, and large amounts of saline. The saline balloons the fat tissue, epinephrine causes vasoconstriction, thus, decreasing bleeding, and lignocaine induces local anaesthesia. This procedure usually lasts 45–60 minutes.
Allowing the fluid to percolate uniformly through all layers, a process called detumescence, lasts 30 minutes.
B. Aspiration of fat by microcannular liposuction:
Sucking the fat out through microcannuale which are 1.5–3 mm in diameter. This is a slow process lasting 1–1½ hours.
Leaving the incision wounds of cannulae open to drain out fluid. A small amount of fluid is left back in the tissue and is allowed to drain slowly over two days. This residual fluid provides analgesia in the immediate postoperative period.
Applying compression bandages and sending the patient home without any hospital admission.
The procedure has the advantages of safety, lack of need for hospital admission, and rapid postoperative recovery time. However, the procedure is also slow, taking 3–4 hours to perform and also, the amount of fat that can be extracted is usually limited to about 4–5 litres.

Conventional liposuction using large cannulae under general anaesthesia, largely practised by plastic surgeons, is performed as follows:

General anaesthesia is used.
Introduction of a small amount of fluid into the fat.
Making large incisions (1–1.5 cm) to introduce cannulae.
Sucking out large amounts of fat, often 8–10 litres (called megaliposuctions), quickly in 1–2 h, through large cannulae (6 mm-1 cm in diameter).
Suturing the incision wounds of cannulae.
The whole procedure lasts 2–3 hours. Thus, this method is quick, can remove large amounts of fat, and saves time for the surgeon. However, it has the following disadvantages:

As the method is under general anaesthesia, the patient has to be hospitalized, which adds significantly to the cost and the possibility of hospital-acquired infections.
General anaesthesia always has its risks.
The use of large cannulae causes greater damage to tissue and hence, increases the bleeding. This technique is associated with significant blood loss,[10,11] often needing blood transfusions.
There is a risk of side effects such as fat embolism, which can be potentially fatal.
Large cannulae need large incisions which have to be sutured and which heal with significant scars.
Recovery time is slow, as after any procedure under general anaesthesia.

Other methods of liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction[12] with a reciprocating cannula is a new technology for liposuction and has some advantages. In powered liposuction, the reciprocating motion of the cannulae mimics the to-and-fro action of the surgeon’s cannula movement, decreasing the work of the procedure and is therefore, less tiring for the physician. In addition, it allows the surgeon to remove fat more completely in “tight” areas where forceful cannula movements are difficult because of physical space constraints (e.g., per umbilical and waist areas). While powered liposuction can help to remove fat quickly, it can do so only if large cannulae are used. Usually power-assisted liposuction also needs concomitant IM or IV narcotics and sedatives, as well as sometimes using nitrous oxide. These features therefore, negate the above mentioned advantages of tumescent liposuction (safety because it is done under local anaesthesia, and finesse because of the use of microcannuale).

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) was introduced to damage the fat cells and thereby, facilitate the removal of fat.[13] However, the method had significant side effects such as burns of the skin. The damaged fat also lead to small cysts containing fluid called seromas. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is associated with significant bruising and prolonged postoperative swelling. Most importantly, the ultrasound machines are expensive, increasing the cost of the procedure.

The most important aspect of tumescent liposuction is that a local anaesthetic is used over a wide area to provide anaesthesia and analgesia, using a sufficient quantity of lignocaine far in excess of the conventional dosage. Conventional teaching has widely regarded, without adequate pharmacological proof, that the safe upper limit for lignocaine administration is 6 mg/kg body weight. In a radical departure from this conventionally accepted fact, Klein showed that in tumescent anaesthesia, much higher doses, even up to 45–55 mg/kg weight can safely be administered.[16–20] This is because in tumescent anaesthesia, the rate of absorption of lignocaine is slow, leading to smaller peak values and hence, lesser toxicity. The reasons for the slow absorption of lignocaine are:

Subcutaneous fat has a low volume of blood flow.
Lignocaine is lipophillic and is easily sequestered in fat.
Diluted epinephrine in saline solution ensures vasoconstriction, thus, minimizing systemic absorption and bleeding.
The large volume of tumescent solution itself compresses blood vessels by hydrostatic pressure.
The very low dilution of lignocaine in Klein’s solution does not achieve the gradient required for systemic absorption.
Most of the solution is removed during aspiration, minimizing the duration for absorption.
This slow absorption from subcutaneous fat has been likened to a slow release capsule, with the fat itself acting as the capsule!!

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Patient selection

Proper patient selection is highly important—the ideal candidates are patients with localized deposits of fat, who are not grossly obese, without significant medical problems, and have realistic expectations.[1,2,5,17,21] Many patients seek consultation in the mistaken assumption that liposuction is a treatment for weight reduction. It should be clarified to them that liposuction is only for improvement of shape and any weight loss (which will be about 4–5 kg) is only incidental. There is no definite age or weight limit for patients to undergo liposuction.

The maximum amount of fat that can be removed safely by tumescent liposuction is probably about 4–5 litres.[10] Generally, it is advisable to avoid the so-called megaliposuctions as they are associated with complications.[1,2] The risk of side effects increases with removal of larger amounts of fat. Different areas such as the abdomen and the thigh or buttock are not generally combined in one session.[18] However, it is possible to treat both buttocks or both thighs in one session. If patient desires more than one area or needs more than 4–5 litres of fat removal, the procedure may be repeated any time after two weeks.

A thorough medical history with particular reference to history of bleeding diathesis, emboli, thrombophlebitis, infectious diseases, poor wound healing, and diabetes mellitus should be always taken. Patients with a medical history of these conditions need to be examined and cleared by a physician before undergoing liposuction. Liposuction is contraindicated in patients with severe cardiovascular disease, severe coagulation disorders including thrombophilia, and during pregnancy. The patient’s history should also include noting prior abdominal surgeries such as caesarean sections which produce scarring. A detailed drug history is essential. As lignocaine is metabolized by the liver, drugs that compete with it for metabolism by the cytochrome P450 enzyme system or displace lignocaine from plasma proteins can increase lignocaine blood levels and cause lignocaine toxicity.

The physician must perform a detailed physical examination to determine that the areas of planned for surgery are amenable to liposuction. In particular, any evidence of keloids, scars, or hernia should be looked into.


Counseling should include:[21]

Discussion on different management options, including the role of diet and exercise.
Detailed explanation about the surgical procedure, including possible postoperative complications.
Specific instructions that full results would be seen after 6–12 weeks.
Instruction that although the fat removed by liposuction does not normally come back, there may be recurrence of the problem if the patient puts on excessive weight. The importance of continued exercise and diet regulation should be stressed.
Any allergies or medical condition that the patient may have should be recorded.
As in any cosmetic procedure, the patient should not expect to achieve perfection.
Patients should be told not to expect to lose any dramatic amount of weight loss with liposuction. Weight lost is equal only to the amount of fat removed, about 3–5 kg.
Patients should also understand that liposuction does not improve cellulite or the striae. Patients can also be assured that there is no likelihood of loose skin hanging in the operative area due to the elasticity of skin. Abdominoplasty is usually not necessary for abdominal contouring but is only necessary if a large amount of excess skin or muscle laxity is present.[22,23] The recent introduction of skin tightening machines has also helped in the management of any mild laxity.
Preoperative instructions

These are routine and include:[21]

Routine blood investigations such as blood counts, bleeding and clotting time, prothrombin time, blood sugar, liver function tests, HbS Ag, HIV-ELISA, and ECG.
Advice to stop smoking and oral NSAIDs as smoking increases intraoperative bleeding.
Preoperative tranquillizers such as diazepam or lorazepam on the night before surgery to relieve any anxiety.
Injection Vitamin K to minimize postoperative bruising.
On arrival on the day of the surgery, patients are administered preoperative antibiotics such as cephalexin, and a tranquillizer such as oral lorazepam 1 mg. Oral Clonidine 0.1 mg is also administered to prevent epinephrine-induced tachycardia and as an adjuvant anxiolytic drug. The area for liposuction is topographically marked with marker ink to delineate the bulges and asymmetry [Figure 2]. Preoperative photography is vital.


Baseline vital signs including blood pressure and heart rate, are to be recorded preoperatively and monitored intraoperatively. Pulse oximeter monitoring is essential. Medical personnel trained in resuscitation, preferably an anaesthetist, should be available on the premises.

Tumescent anaesthesia

This is a very important and vital step. Proper tumescence will ensure painless and smooth aspiration.

Adits are small holes made for insertion of infiltration cannulae. These are done with 1.5–2 mm dermal punches in different locations of the area under infiltration anaesthesia with 1 mL of 2% lignocaine. The number of adits needed depends on the area involved. About 6–8 adits are normally needed for the abdomen.
Tumescent fluid is prepared as follows: The usual tumescent solution concentration used is 0.05–0.1% lignocaine and the concentration of epinephrine is at 1:1,000,000–1.5:1,000,000. As the lignocaine solution is acidic, 10 meq of sodium bicarbonate solution is added to one litre of tumescent solution to raise its pH and to prevent stinging. The acceptable maximum dose of lignocaine is 55 mg/kg for most patients, although we have used dosages up to 57 mg/kg in our patients. If higher concentrations are needed, small amounts of fluid can be reintroduced after partial aspiration to avoid excessive dosing. The recommended concentration of epinephrine in tumescent solutions is 0.25–1.5 mg/L. The total dosage of epinephrine should not exceed 50 µg/kg.
Infiltration of tumescent fluid: The delivery system for tumescent solution consists of infusion bags, infiltration pressure cuffs, an infiltration pump to hasten delivery of the fluid, and infiltration cannulae 0.5–1 mm in size. About 2–3 litres of fluid are infiltrated gradually in different directions, first into deeper layers of fat and then, into the superficial layers. The end point is a firm feel of the skin which makes the skin swollen, and difficult to grasp [Figure 3]. It is important to be slow and to avoid jerky, sudden movements to avoid pain. Normally it takes about 1 to 2 h for proper anesthesia.

Infiltration of tumescent fluid
Detumescence: It is important to wait for about 30 min after tumescence for the infiltration fluid to percolate properly and its full pharmacological effects to take effect. This is indicated by a slight decrease in firmness and the ability to grasp the skin.
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The most important aspect of proper aspiration is the slow, repeated, to-and-fro movement of the cannulae.[24,25] The cannulae are of different sizes, varying in diameter from 1 to 2.5 mm. Cannulae larger than 4.5 mm in diameter are not used as they cause more tissue damage and are associated with the risk of embolism and bleeding. A smaller cannula (1 mm) is first used to create tunnels in the fat. Cannulae of gradually increasing diameter are then employed to aspirate fat. Deeper layers of fat are aspirated first and then the superficial layers. The direction of the handles is always parallel to the skin and is never vertical [Figure 4]. The nonoperating hand is used as a guide to push the fat in the direction of aspiration and also, to feel the tip of the cannula to prevent damage to the overlying skin or underlying structures. It is also important to avoid skin trauma at the adit to ensure proper healing of the adits. Care should be exercised to ensure uniform aspiration in all areas and to avoid excessive aspiration from a given area to avoid dimpling and asymmetry. Different areas are aspirated and then compared for symmetry and regularity. One great advantage of tumescent anaesthesia is that because the patient is conscious, (s) he will feel the pain and warn the surgeon if the cannula is moved deep into the muscle or into the surrounding unanaesthetized area. Also, the patient is in a position to sit or stand so that the surgeon can compare the two sides for symmetry. The process of aspiration normally takes between 90 minutes to two hours and about 3–5 litres of fat are aspirated. Blood loss is minimal and does not exceed 30–50 mL if the tumescence is proper [Figure 5]. It is important to keep the patient engaged by having a television or music in the theatre during the entire procedure.

Postoperative dressing and follow-up

Postoperative dressing is a very important step in tumescent liposuction. An important feature of the tumescent procedure is that some amount of the fluid is still left behind at the end of the procedure, which ensures anaesthesia in the immediate postoperative period, minimizing the need for potent oral analgesics. This fluid drains out in 3–5 days to facilitate which the adits are not sutured and are allowed to heal by secondary intention. Tight pressure bandages are essential to ensure proper drainage of the tumescent fluid [Figure 6]. Two layers of pressure dressing (called bimodal compression) are put in place to ensure tight compression in the first two days.[26,27] Dressings are removed on the first postoperative day and the adits are opened again, if necessary, to ensure proper drainage. Improper drainage increases the possibility of panniculitis, secondary infection, and irregularity. Postoperative analgesics and antibiotics are continued. The pressure in the dressing is decreased after three days and continued for a minimum of two weeks. The patient is advised to come for follow-up for daily dressing for three days. It is important to note that while the patient can return to normal sedentary work in 1–2 days, exercise and undue exertion should be avoided for at least ten days

Tumescent anaesthesia is a remarkably safe procedure if all the essential steps are adhered to.[17,28–30] In the author’s experience of nearly 200 cases, side effects have been rare.

Postoperative pain: This is minimal in the first two days because of the persistent anaesthetic fluid in the tissue. Mild oral analgesics such as paracetamol are all that are required. Mild tenderness at the site of adits may be felt over 3–5 days. An antibiotic cream (such as fucidic acid or mupirocin) may be prescribed for application at the sites of the adits.
Postoperative oedema over dependent parts (such as legs and genitals) may occur and is due to the inflammation caused by the aspiration movements. It is minimized by using small cannulae and proper postoperative dressings.
Postoperative syncope is common and is vasovagal in origin due to the sudden release of pressure while removing the tight bandages. It is easily avoided by releasing the bandage in the supine position and asking the patient to get up gradually. Mild tenderness is also expected over the adit sites.
Postoperative ecchymoses may occur which usually disappears spontaneously over a week. This is common in hypertensive patients and hence, proper blood pressure control is essential.
Diffuse tenderness and induration can occur if the drainage is improper.
Panniculitis and fat necrosis are rare, but they may occur in diabetics. Hence, it is important to ensure proper diabetic control.
Postoperative infection is rare if proper aseptic precautions are followed.
Seroma formation: Seromas are cystic swellings which occur due to aggressive superficial fat aspiration. They are more common in ultrasound-assisted aspiration but were seen in only two patients encountered by the author.
Irregularity and asymmetry can occur if the amounts of fat aspirated are different in different areas and if pressure garments are not worn properly. This is common over the chest and upper abdomen. It is also common in men treated for gynaecomastia and in patients in whom large cannulae have been used to remove fat quickly.
Pigmentation is common in Indian patients over the adit scars, although none of our patients experienced any keloids.
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Several serious complications have been reported with conventional liposuction done under general anaesthesia. These include pulmonary embolism, excessive blood loss, hemorrhagic necrosis of fat, and even, death.[28,29] These complications have been reported mostly in patients in whom liposuction is combined with other procedures such as abdominoplasty, or more than one area have been treated, and in megaliposuctions.

However, these complications are extremely rare in tumescent liposuction and the safety of tumescent liposuction has been well documented in literature. In our experience of 200 cases, no patient had any serious side effect and all patients recovered without any untoward incident. Extensive reviews have been carried out to establish the safety of the procedure and different parameters such as the amount of fat aspirated, type of anaesthesia, facility for surgery, and speciality of operating surgeon have all been studied in large reviews. It is important to note that while mortality has been reported with conventional liposuction, not a single death has been recorded after tumescent liposuction.[1,2,17,30–32] These studies are discussed in detail below.

In a survey of 9478 liposuction cases[31] performed by dermatologic surgeons, the risk of systemic complication was found to be as low as 0.07%. Five patients had “excessive” intra- or postoperative blood loss, and two patients had infection. There were no reported cases of disseminated intravascular coagulation, fat emboli, perforated viscus, thrombophlebitis, or death. The risk of local complications was also small. Of these, the most common were postoperative contour irregularities (2.1%), hematoma (0.47%), and persistent postoperative oedema (46%). A later (1995), more extensive survey of data on 15,336 patients undergoing tumescent liposuction also did not find any serious complications.[32]

In 1999, a study by Coleman determined whether the specialty of the physician had an effect on the incidence of malpractice claims. The study showed that < 1% of the defendants were dermatologic surgeons, even though dermatologic surgeons performed about 33% of liposuctions in the US. In 2002, in a national survey of over 66,000 liposuction cases performed using the tumescent anesthesia technique, no deaths were reported and the rate of serious adverse events was 0.68 per 1000 cases.[33] A review of the State of Florida adverse event data revealed that there were no tumescent anesthesia-related liposuction deaths.[34] In contrast, there were two deaths related to liposuction under general anaesthesia. Safety of office-based liposuction as opposed to hospital-based liposuction too has been well documented. It was found that hospital-based liposuction had three times the rate of malpractice settlements when compared with office-based liposuction surgery.[35–37]

Thus, these data have conclusively established the safety of this procedure, particularly when performed by dermatologic surgeons and as an office-based surgery. Hence, tumescent liposuction is now regarded as the gold standard method for liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction is a safe and effective procedure when performed in trained hands in a proper setting. Experience and training of surgeon, proper selection of cases, and proper technique in anaesthesia and aspiration are all important to get optimal results. It is important to keep in mind that, as in any cosmetic procedure including liposuction, a final safe and satisfactory result is far more important than quick results.

Venkataram, J. (2008). Tumescent Liposuction: A Review. Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, 1(2), 49–57.

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