30 Years Old, 5'8 138lbs , 2 Breastfed Kids, Wanting 550cc Silicone HP Unders.

Hello! I've never had any kind of fullness to my...

Hello! I've never had any kind of fullness to my breasts. The only time was when I was breastfeeding my babies. When that was over so we're my boobs. Im 5'8, 138lbs and currently a small 34B. And that's pushing it. I'm a very confident woman... until I take my shirt off ????. This is my main insecurity. For years I've battled with this. It's finally happening! In less than two weeks my life will change. I did imaging with my PS. He told me that my body could hold a larger implant. The imaging that I did was for 650cc & 700cc. They look great on the image but I'm afraid they will be to large. I think of future stretching and sagging. So I'm thinking of going with 550cc. I want large full breasts but I also don't want to over due it. I really don't want them to be larger than a full D. And I don't want to be to small either! Ahhhhh! Lol. I know not to go by cup sizes, so I'm just giving you an idea of my expectations. Areola incision is what I'm thinking... My post OP is on 12/06/16 and I will address all of this with my PS. I'm very anxious. It's driving me crazy! Any advice and/or comments would be appreciated. I will keep you all updated!

Forgot to post pics of myself.

These are my before photos.
Myrtle Beach Plastic Surgeon

He is very informative and made my consultation extremely comfortable for me. I look forward to my Post OP with him. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. Very impressed.

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