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Where I live, everyone is beautiful! It’s...

Where I live, everyone is beautiful! It’s LA, the land of quick cures where no one ages. You’d think this just applies to celebrities but it doesn’t. I work for a consulting agency and our image is everything too. I’m always accused of looking angry and tired even when I’m not and I felt like this was having a negative impact on my work. I need to look open and approachable to the people I work with.

I’ve scheduled a series of Botox injections with a plastic surgeon recommended by my friends. I’ve gone twice already and have a few more to go before I have to re-up. He’s injecting into my upper and lower forehead and also under my eyes. It doesn’t hurt at all and it certainly isn’t the discomfort I was expecting. It was more like a bug bite - just a little twinge and then it’s over. There’s some residual soreness the day of but nothing beyond that. It’s really minimal.

I love the results. It took about a week to fully sink in but after that I started getting comments and people asking me what I was doing differently, was I sleeping better, etc.

This could become addictive very quickly! Also, my plastic surgeon gives a discount every time I go back, so if I keep this up I can feel like I’m saving money! (Just kidding) I’m happy with him and with the Botox itself so I expect to keep going back for more.
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