My Tummy Tuck Experience

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros: I lost a significant amount of excess skin...

Pros: I lost a significant amount of excess skin and fat as well as about one third of my stretch marks. Incision looks great with very little pain at that site.

Cons: The post op pain was very uncomfortable...mostly the upper abdominal muscles and drain sites from torque on lines at times. My belly button is triangular in shape (but I understand there are ways to round it out following healing)

I did it to decrease stretch marks, abdominal adipose tissue and loose skin. Over all I am relatively happy with the results thus far, but hoped to loose more stretch marks. I retained a number of very large ones in the suprapubic region which I had hoped would be removed with procedure. However, having a flat stomach has it's appeal!!!

How long does it take for the upper abdominal region to "loosen up" or feel less taught following Tummy Tuck? I am also wondering if this is the skin and upper abdominal muscles that are pulling which are preventing me from standing completely erect. What can I do to help facilitate slight loosening of these structures so that is more comfortable to walk and stand erect?