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I had my TT April 1st and didn't have any drains....

I had my TT April 1st and didn't have any drains. My sp doesn't use them. I didn't really have a lot of swelling or fuild build up. The first 3 to 4 days are very hard. You have to start on day 3-4 to take care of yourself. My husband was great but he didn't get any sleep for the first few days taking care of me. Each day you will feel better and better.

I have a nice flat tummy but still have the rolls on the side, my Sp said it normal for every thing to shift. I will have to have some Lipo after my six weeks to remove it. Iam not a large person, but just had the muffin top and extra skin. Iam still wearing my bands and they are very tight. I only had pain the first two days and after that it was pain free. I did have the horrible back pains but that is nornal for this kind of procedure. I did sleep in a reclinder and still sometimes do. The bed is still too flat to get comfortable in. Iam a side sleeper and I still can't do that because everything is so tight.

I still wear the same size pants but they are loose. For anyone thinking on doing this talk to your SP, ask all the what if's so there are no suprises. Iam a little disapointed and thought I would me much thinner. But as my husbands says, It's a TT that removes skin not fat.

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