My SoCal Face-lift Experience

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I just had my face-lift surgery three months ago....

I just had my face-lift surgery three months ago. I’m 44 years old and have lived in South California my whole life. My husband and I are both in the media industry so needless to say we are used to being around pretty people all the time! Getting a face-lift was something I did for my career as much as my own self-esteem.

I checked out all of the prominent SoCal surgeons and received so many different lists of things I could correct. You could really tell some were out for money and some were really interested in fixing your concerns. This is a great reason to go to as many consultations as possible! That way you can tell the difference.

I ended up with a full face-lift to fix my turkey neck, baggy cheeks and to pull back my eyes. I came home the same day with my head wrapped up like a mummy. I also had a very adequate prescription for Vicodin, which I indulged in as much as I needed it. No, I’m not an addict but you will not believe the pain! If you think about it, it does make sense – you know what they’re doing to your face! But the pain and discomfort in your whole body will still surprise you. This is something you’ll think you planned for and then find out you wished you had scheduled another 2-4 weeks of solitude and recovery, seriously.

Now I would say I’m 95% healed with very minimal swelling remaining in one cheek. I am ecstatic about the results! I truly believe I’ve lost over ten years off my face and look like someone in my early thirties. My husband (who is 50) will need to have his own face-lift soon or else people may start to gossip! LOL

Given my location some would say I overpaid but I think I paid for the care I received. If your nurse serves you hors d-oeuvres and wine before your consultation how can you complain?! LOL I felt taken care of every step of the way so I did not mind paying $20,000 for the experience.
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