My Lopsided Face

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An eyelift 5 years ago caused internal bleeding...

An eyelift 5 years ago caused internal bleeding trickling down alongside of my nose and settling in my chin area. I was bruised for several weeks. I think he sucked out a blood vessel along with the fat. The tops were okay and my eyes opened up but appeared to be pushed closer together which another surgeon corrected, but it left scarring.

The entire experience was devasting and I was never happy with the results, so I started wearing tinted glasses. Since then, that side of my face has gradually drooped and now I look lopsided. I've been asked if I had Bells Palsy or a stroke. Now I find myself turning the good side of my face towards people.

When I simulate a mid face lift I look great. I'm now 70 but don't act it or feel it, so don't want to look it.

McLean Plastic Surgeon

My plastic surgeon looked great. I should have asked who performed his surgery and had him do mine.

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