My Journey to Fuller Lips

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I can’t complain about much but I have never...

I can’t complain about much but I have never liked my lips. They were always too thin, especially the top one, although I always wanted a pouty bottom lip. This became an area I focused so much on growing up, even though I had everything else I wanted better lips. I eventually got a lip lift, which I must say helped incredibly. I tried Juvederm in the year leading up to that and it’s a great non-surgery answer to thin lips. I had tried Restylane before that but it really didn’t give me the big results I wanted. I was pleased when Juvederm was approved because it was something new to try to solve my problems. For lips my doc used the Juvederm HV, which is high viscosity and made for the lips. This will give better results in the lips than traditional fillers and even regular Juvederm so make sure you ask for this one if you’re getting lip injections. My lips were sore for about a week after the injections, a little longer than with Restylane, but I saw major results. My bottom lip was pouty like I wanted, maybe even too big for some people but I loved it. The best results came from my top lip. Where it was once a thin, shapeless line I now had volume AND definition! I never expected this since I never got it from Restylane. I would have gone on having Juvederm but like I said I opted for a permanent solution – lip lift. But Juvederm is great if you want to try out bigger, more defined lips or don’t want to have surgery. I fully recommend it!
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