My First Juviderm Experience

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I'm 33 and I went for my very first filler a...

I'm 33 and I went for my very first filler a couple of days ago.  The Doctor recommended the Juviderm he also said that it more cost effective and like to use it for the younger patients.  He only used one seringe. I had no bruising, but I didn't see the results I was looking for.  I was dissapointed when I got home. I felt like I  wasted my money. The main area of concern for me was the line below my lips, the upper part of the chin called the mental crease, but it still remained a  prominent line. It didn't look even a bit different. He also injected it in the nasial folds which I saw just a minor difference. 

I feel that I needed more of the product to get what I wanted.  Next time I'd like to use the Radiesse because there is more in a seringe and it lasts for at least 1 year or more.  I'll let you know about the results after getting the radiesse. It's a bit more expensive but I would've rather have gotten what I wanted the first time around and paid 750. rather than paying for 2 seringes of the juviderm at 580 a pop which would have cost $1,160.!

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He's a good doctor, just very conservative, he didn't want to take a chance and fill under my eyes because he said that my skin there is thin and I might see little bumps from the juviderm. I think he feels he's better safe than sorry which is wis, but there are other doctors who could achieve what I want based on their experiences with patients.

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