My Experience with Accutane Was Positive Overall

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My Dr. helped me out financially so I only had to...

My Dr. helped me out financially so I only had to pay for the bloodwork, they let me be a 'case study' type so I got the medicine free. I didn't experience any detrimental side effects (I was 19 or 20 at the time).

I think I took Accutane for about 9 months. It greatly improved my skin condition after the initial increased break-out period. I have had minimal skin problems over the last decade (I'm now 29), however as of late I have been getting some of the 'nodular' type acne again. I plan on going to a dermo soon to see what is going on and to hopefully get treatment for scarring.

The most severe 'pot marks' I have are from the increased break-out period. I got a lot of deep nodular acne before things got better while on Accutane. The only other thing that was kind of a pain was the monthly blood work and pregnancy test, which I had to have and pay for every month whether or not it was even possible that I was pregnant, so that was annoying.

Overall I think it was a good choice, but the few deep scars I have bother me increasingly as I get older and I am hoping to get some effective treatments to improve my overall skin appearance.

Pittsburgh Dermatologist

He is a great, personable Dr. that always takes time to be thorough and help you out. He truly cares about why you are there and what he can do to make things better for you!

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