My Devotion to Chemical Peels Has Paid off

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I’m a supporter of chemical peels; I...

I’m a supporter of chemical peels; I won’t lie. I have them as often as I can because I love the results I see and I can afford it! But the people who expect to turn from crumpled to fabulous overnight with a home kit make me sick. They are scourges to the industry.

Let me tell you what I do. I have regular lactic acid peels, which are lighter on the skin. These remove the day-to-day ageing problems and dead skin, and are quite simple to do yourself. They also require very little downtime on your part.

When I want to treat myself, I go for a combo TCA peel that focuses on my wrinkles and skin that needs more coaxing before it can be beautiful. I only go to a qualified, certified doctor or dermatologist for these treatments and I make it a pampering experience by scheduling pedicures, wine samplings and other events earlier in the day. I deserve it and you do too!

Recovery on these treatments is longer but well worth it. Now that I am over 45, deeper peels are essential to really attack ageing!

I am well aware of what I’m supposed to look like at my chronological age but I refuse to give in to those standards. I love looking fabulous and peels give that to me.

I am not a supporter of plastic surgery as a general rule; I find it is false and unnatural. On the contrary, chemical peels deal only with the beautiful skin you already have hiding underneath. This is the right way to go about looking younger.
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