26yr Old, Mommy of Two Boys...Starting the Process to Get my Body Back!! - Mexico

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I have been thinking about a Tummy Tuck since The...

I have been thinking about a Tummy Tuck since The birth of my son 3 years ago! I gained about 60 lbs while pregnant with him, I know crazy, and I only have myself to blame! I lost the 60 lbs before his first birthday and .. surprise :) I found out baby number two was on the way lol. I am very happy with my family and so proud of my boys.. but found it was difficult to embrace my new body :( I am not looking for a miracle.. I only want to feel comfortable and desirable again! I am very interested in Dr.Campos, the ladies who have gone to him have posted some amazing results with BBL. I am curious if anyone has gotten a TT with MR or breast implants with lift? I would like to get that done but am just wondering if any ladies out there can tell me about there experience, to help me make a well informed decision
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DR.Campos? - I haven't spoken with him yet as I am early in the process, looking for the perfect surgeon. :)

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