From No Bra, to 300cc Breasts!

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A bit about myself: Height 5'6 (168 cm) Weight 123...

A bit about myself:
Height 5'6 (168 cm)
Weight 123 lbs (56 kg)
No kids. The only surgery I've ever had is having my tonsils removed.

Even though I've always been flat as a board, I've learned to feel confortable with my own body.

Ladies, it doesn't matter what you look like SEXY IS AN ATTITUDE!

Yes, I was picked on at school as many girls here were. However I learned not to take it too seriously. I think that being the way I am now, helped me be the person I've become. I can laugh at myself, which makes life so much easier!
Kids can be mean sometimes, and anyway, girls with big boobs get picked on as well!!

The mayor reason I want to get boobs is fashion... When I'm looking at dresses and blouses, there are so many fun things to wear, but with my teeny tiny boobs a V dress or a low cut are not an option.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, but I live in the Netherlands.
After some years of considering getting the procedure, and saving money for it, I decided I'm doing this!!
I've been referred to a PS who's supposed to be the best in Mexico City. I googled him to make sure, and found only good comments from patients in Mexico and Spain (about him and his anaesthesiologist). My mom has already met him and has nothing but praise for him.
A big part of my decision also, is the fact that my family lives there, and who better than your MOM to take care of you!! (of course there's also the advantage of the currency difference... Earning in euros and paying in pesos makes this actually happen).

Stay tune for more pre op posts!

PS: I thought I'd ask the PS if I can use his whole name first...

Before pics

I couldn't add them with the tablet when I posted my review :(
But here they are
*Stay tuned

Going boob crazy!

I've never worn padded bras, my flatness has always been pretty much out there, so my BA approach is being completely open about it.
It will be an obvious change, everyone will notice, so why not just be honest?

My manager is super open and has a great sense of humour, so it was very easy for me to just tell her about it. Also a big plus for me is that most of my co-workers are women. Many of them don't mind, some are excited for me. For the rest, as I grow older it gets easier for me to care less and less of the "what will they think", so I don't really give a tiny rat's ass if they don't agree with it.
They are not paying for it anyway :p
(one thing I'm not open with is age, so I'll just tell you that I'm in the 26-31 age range ;) )

Since everybody knows, I can talk freely about boobs all day. I show them breast sizes I find nice for my frame, and ask about bras (this boob world is new to me, I bought my first bra a month ago to get an idea on sizes and feeling), and after looking for wish boobs for weeks, sometimes I get boob overload and see no difference between sizes! So I need an outsider's opinion every once in a while.

After a lot of research, I think the best for me is to get smooth silicone implants - moderate plus or HP - placed under the muscle - with an inframammary incision (look at me all technical ;)).
I don't know, of course, how many cc's :s   
What I do know is that the PS works only with Allergan implants, and from what I've read they are good. I was really afraid of getting some of those toxic French implants! Which was one of the reasons I was reluctant to get the BA in Europe.

As the OCD that I am, I'm collecting pics of befores and afters of sizes I like, and cataloguing them into 3 different folders: smallest (as in the smallest size I'd get), nice, and biggest (the biggest I'd go). Just to be completely clear I also have fotos of sizes I consider too small and too big. 
In the nice folder the cc's go between 275 and 325cc's.
My plan is to tell the PS what I've found, and take with me the pics of the 3 folders.
I'll let you know what he says!!

My concerns about getting a BA

- Post op pain (including pain during the massages)
- Capsular contracture
- Uniboob
- Rippling
- Visible implant edge
- Healing issues or delays for vegetarians (sounds silly... but came to mind)
- Post op complications
- Going too big...  And not going big enough
- Not feeling confortable with my new boobs
- When coming back to NL = having to push/pull my luggage (I'll be traveling 3 weeks after the procedure)
- Having to wait long before being able to sleep on my belly (that's how I rest best)

I've been reading and reading and trying to get as much information as I can (of course Real Self is an AMAZING source!), but still I thought it'd be good for me too see this written... kind of a therapy.

Thank you lovely ladies for reading me :)


New dresses!!! Pill box (easy access for the late night pain meds), and white camisole top shots for the before & afters

Another dress

Control freak check listS

Anti bacterial soap
Pain meds
Munch food for night meds
Bendy straws
Ice packs (4)
Neck pillow
Post op bras (2... no idea what size to buy)
Button up sleeping gown 
Hair wrap (I have long hair... rather not to worry about it those days)
Lush Therapy body butter (to keep oiled up)
Anti scar creams or bands... (consult PS)
Natural vitamine E...  (Consult PS)

On surgery day, don't forget: 100% cotton underwear, pedialite, straw, pillow, apple mousse, throw up bags, lip balm, blanket.

Prepare 2 comfy spots (for sleeping and chilling) with water at hand, meds in pillbox, munch food, and reading material.

To watch during recovery: Ally McBeal (I've been told it's a good show), the movies my dad recorded for my recovery (awww, I know), and we'll see what else Netflix offers.

"300cc" sizers

So a couple of weeks ago I made "300cc" sizers - I decided that was the biggest I would go. I tried them on and found them humongous, I felt huge!!
When I showed the pictures I took (I uploaded some) to my colleagues at work, they loved them and said that they look perfect, but their comments didn't really make me change my mind.
The thing is, when you have NOTHING, anything feels enormous!

As they were looking at the pictures, they asked me to bring the actual sizers to work, that way the could see them on and give a more accurate opinion.

And so last wednesday I brought the sizers to work.

Everyone was very curious and the first thing most girls did was to compare them with their own boobs. Looking the sizers together with actual boobs (my boss's for example lol), I was amazed by how small they look!
The funniest part is that after putting them on and off so many times, I got used to the size and felt very comfortable with them at the end :)

Feeling anxious

Almost a week to go and now I'm getting nervous.

What if I don't like the new me?
What if I find them to be a drag and wish to have my old flat self again?

My coleagues tell me that if that happens I can just have them removed... And the ones that want to get a BA as well encourage me to do it for "the team" lol.

I guess this is kind of a "stage" when you're getting elective surgery... I'll just have to go with my own flow...

My best wishes to the girls on recovery!

Lab tests & pre-op: Check!

So 2 days ago I got to my mom's, and after boarding the plane, barely sleeping about 45 minutes in an 11 hour and 20 minutes flight, filling immigration forms, passing through customs, unpacking, catch up + tea... I was exhausted when I went to bed, where I started thinking:

Tomorrow (yesterday) I'm going to get the lab tests done, which means that the day after I'm having the pre-op, wich means that the next day is BA day!!! And I started to freak out!!!

The next day, after a nice sleep and consulting the review from dear D is for Daphne (I remembered that she had some cold feet moments), I was feeling much more serene, and I decided to just let it flow, and see how I felt.
The thing is that after such a long wait, suddenly everything is happening at once, and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Today I met my PS and had my pre-op.
He's very funny and nice, and explained the whole process to me, showed me some before and afters, gave his advice (go with round textured silicone) and agreed with me on the 300cc's after checking my skin, tissue, and trying the sizers on.

It's paid for. I have to be there tomorrow at 9 am to get prepped up.

Breast wishes, everyone!

All done!

Apparently I'm the bomb on drugs!
The anesthesiologist is everything I was promised! He was very sweet and caring, but most importantely, he's a GENIUS! I woke up, drank water, ate my banana mousse with no dizziness or nausea whatsoever. 
My boobs are completely numb (thank God), and I plan to stay on top of my meds to keep it that way!!

My PS let me takea peek, and for the first time ever, I saw a cleavage!!!!

Write you all about the surgery later!!!

So after the PS took some pics and drew on me,

the anesthesiologist came in and we chatted while he put the IV on. It was weird, but not painful. I could feel the drugs going in and very soon I was out! I woke up and he left only when I was completely conscious.
The PS came afterwards and told us the surgery went super smooth. It lasted 45 minutes and he was very happy with the results. He told me not to raise my arms, that I could shower the next day, no pushing or lifting anything, and that the post-op is next thursday. 

For what I've read, the day after surgery is the worst, so I tried to just relax, watch some tv (I finished with orange is the new black already ;) ) and stay on top of my meds. 
I have to admit that I'm a bit scared of taking the bandages off. It's been uncomfortable, it feels like the pain after a day of hard core exercising + sore ribs, but is not as painful as expected. So what if when I take the pressure of the bandages off, the real pain begins?
I know I'm being silly, and I'll stop delaying it today... 

Oh, what really hurt was a little accident I had the first night. I was going back to bed after taking the night meds, when I took a wrong step and almost fell. I ended up in all fours and sore as hell.

With that ouch I'll continue to chill... write you later lovely ladies!

First week sum up

After I took the bandages off two days after the procedure, my rib pain went away!
I got to feel the famous 'bubbles' around the implants, and finally saw the super hard new boobs. I immediately felt them swelling up, so I've been oiling up non-stop since to avoid stretch marks (and because the current stretchiness of my skin makes me feel very anxious :s )

The first 4 days were basically taking pills, watching TV, and dozing off. I did't feel any excruciating pain during this week. Only soreness on my ribs and a lot of pressure on my chest.

I went to my 1st post op on the 6th day, and my PS told me I can raise my arms and join the outside world again. I have to massage the boobs with circular movements, and continue to keep them oiled (thank you shea butter) to help them get soft and not looking so much like a torpedo!
The massage doesn't hurt, it just feels weird. You move through tight skin something inside you that is not really you!

I feel bad because I thought I'd document daily my everyday progress for all you ladies in here. Most of all for the ladies that had surgery right after me. But this first week at least, I just felt like resting and doing nothing else.
I really respect all the ladies that post their photos right away. I just didn't find it in me. I felt tight and too uncomfortable to raise my arms to take pics and having to move over to the PC to upload them...
But here it is! Including boobie pics taken when I went to my post up (day 6).


All the way until week 4

I'm sorry for not updating AT ALL for so long. It's been crazy these weeks.

Please note that in week 1 and 2 I was just a lump on the couch. I did nothing but sleeping, taking meds and watching TV. I tried to do as little as possible.. and I succeeded!!
I was so afraid of the pain that I did nothing, I felt so little pain is unreal!
What I felt was 2 bricks glued to my chest (just as I read it in here).
I was explained that the bubbles I felt was trapped air that eventually gets absorbed by the body.

On week 3 I was much more active and made as much time as I could to go see my friends, the dentist, my hairdresser, go out to boy souvenirs for my colleagues, and suddenly the week was over!

On Week 4 I came back from Mexico. I don't know if it was because I was getting my period soon, the post op blues, the age, the time I spent there, but I came back to the Netherlands soooo sad! I miss my mommy :(
Boobwise I felt so much better! I thought the hardness was never going to end!! By the beginning of the fourth week I could really feel some softness.
Be patient ladies!!! It gets better!!

This was the first week of my life that I wore a bra… ever! It was weird. I felt like in the movies!
The PS said I could wear any bra i wanted, but I got the ones with no wire… it felt like the right move for me. I got measured a 34C, I, however, stupidly I did not believe the lady whose job is to fit bras into women, and asked her for a B as well… because in my mind I was going to be a B…
Nope… C it was. Silly me!

I refuse to go the the VS for a measurement. If I hear anything above a C I'm afraid I would cry… I was hoping that there's still some swelling and that the final result will be a B… I know that I shouldn't care about the letter but my actual size, and I've been repeating that to myself, however the letter suddenly became relevant.

Oh, I was cleared for exercise. I've just done some power walking with my dogs, and riding my bicycle, of course.

Week 5

(I'm posting week 5 separately to avoid making the last one too long)

I think I'm surpassing the sadness expierenced the last days and starting to enjoy the new boobs.
They feel a bit softer every day, and now I dare to use more tight/low cut shirts and feeling normal about it. It was weird at the beginning.
BTW, The letter C does't sound so bad to me anymore :p

As expected, the girls at the office were very curious and they all love the way they look. They say that if they saw me on the street, they'd never guess I had them done.
It was very funny, because when I just got back everybody was sooo careful when they hugged me lol
Felix C.

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