Revision Rhinoplasty/ Nose Surgery/ to Make the Tip of the Nose Longer? Munich, DE

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Hi everyone ? ?First i need to say my english...

Hi everyone
?First i need to say my english is not the best :I
?I had 2 nose surgery once 10 years ago other 2 years,
?I have like kind of thick nose skin,
?I was happy with my first one, my problem was it looked so upturned and wasn't straight anyway 2 years ago i decided to undergo another surgery to make nose straight and to thinner my dorsal bridge and dorsal bade also to make my tip of the nose longer. However non happened after the second surgery! only doctor left me with obvious scars and abnormal nostril.
?btw i traveled for my surgery and i spent lots of money :(

?and i feel my nose dose not have correct shape.
?I am planning to go under the surgery after summer 2015 again doing my research before,
?I have added some photo of my current nose and some photo of what kind of nose i want to achieve :)
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