Not MiraDry, but the German Way of It - Munich, DE

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Hi, I'm glad to have read all the reports on...

Hi, I'm glad to have read all the reports on MiraDry.
My experiences are not based on MiraDry, but the same technique.
I`m from Germany. I was in treatment because of sweating in a German clinic.
Because I'm afraid of big operations, my doctor had the idea to try a new method within a study.
It is worked just like MiraDry with microwaves, but these are associated with small needles under the skin. The operation lasted 30 minutes in total.
The Axillaries were anesthetized and then the shoulders treated with the device. I upload photos later. But it almost looks like MiraDry.
The sweating has improved to 90%.

The surgery is now 7 days ago.

But now I still have some pain and a little bruise. This is part of the skin, without sensation. And when I stretch my arms, it is a painful drag. Was that with you so? Is it normal that I still have problems after 7 days?

I do not know how to behave myself. My doctor does not have time to talk and I'll soon be mad.

I would be very glad if someone could answer!



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Doctors idea!

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