Vaser Liposuction - Mumbai, IN

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Hey all, I am about a week away from traveling to...

Hey all, I am about a week away from traveling to Mumbai for Vaser liposuction. I'm getting nervous and some other people and some reviews have said that I should be taking an anti anxiety med and possibly some antibiotics before surgery. Is that common? Also, here are my pre surgery photos. I home I get phenomenal results!

One day to go!

Ok so I am boarding my flight in a few hours and I am getting nervous. I'm also getting worried about the likelihood of seroma and complications of the procedure.

2 hours out, super nervous

Ok so I am two hours away from meeting the Dr and haven't slept. I can sleep because of nervousness. Keep you all updated.

Day one post op

Everything is going well. I'm still pretty sore and get dizzy when I stand. I'm pretty sure that is normal. I feel a lot thinner already. The doctor said he removed 3 liters of fat,a lot for a person my size. I still haven't see what is under yet, so I will check it out.

Just saw this

Just saw this bruise, I hope it goes quickly!

Ok, so not that bad....

The picture before was a selfie and I had the attendant take some others. The others were much better. As you can see, lots of swelling on the upper back, and I still hope the bruises go away quickly!

Swelling thoughts...

I found this graft online and asked Dr sameer about the timings. He agreed with most of them with the caveat of a person to person case.,-bruising,-and-numbness-last-after-vaser-lipo?-=&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi6xdSi9_bRAhUKOY8KHRlxBJAQ9QEIDjAA

Bath Time!

Ok so this is the first time that o have seen myself without the compression garments. I had the surgery on my flanks abdomen and back to have a more natural look. I don't know if I see a difference or not.

Moved out of the hospital

Well, I left the hospital today it was kinda sad because of losing all the support of the sisters. Over all the hospital and staff were very good, friendly and supportive. ? now I am all alone in a hotel. LOL.

I'm still draining from the Vaser more on my left side than the right which is causing a mess but oh well. I changed into the alternate compression garment because the other was too gross and I had to wash it. I'm not really in pain at the moment, just soreness like from the gym.

A couple of things are concerning me though, 2 are the massive ball sized bruises above the compression shirt and the third is the line near the belly button. Both will blend and or fade in time, I hope. The fourth is that I have not had a bowel movement since the surgery so hopefully I will have one of those too!

Here are a couple pics from today.

Rough night!

So night 5-morning 6, I had an event to go to last night and tried putting in the trousers treat I had worn on the flight to India...they did not fit! The pants were too small. Of course my mind went nuts and started hating having the surgery done. I also noted more bruising and my flanks were uneven etc. luckily for a good friend, he reminded me it was only day 5 and to relax. Hopefully it will get better!

First day after lpd massage

The massage, I think I am doing the right thing. It also is called lipo massage. No ideas, but much of the uncomfortable swelling went down and I transitioned into the smaller setting of the compression garment. To my surprise, the tighter setting in the garment is more comfortable than the first setting. The massage was different, it was machine led, sometimes the pressure was a bit too much but only because of the bruising.

Newest photos

About two weeks out

It's ok. The lpg massage has helped with the swelling ALOT, but I am a bit concerned as my tummy is a bit uneven. I hope that it is temporary!

The clinic contacted me yesterday to check up with me and see if I had any concerns. Whenever I have had concerns, the have answered promptly. I feel like a burden lol.

A new comparison

India Plastic Surgeon

Will keep you updated.

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