41 Year Old Mother of 1 Ready for TT, Breast Reduction (36H/I) and Lipo of Flanks - Mountain View, CA

I've been wanting both a breast reduction and TT...

I've been wanting both a breast reduction and TT for at least a decade now. Had I realized a tummy tuck would help me earlier, I'd have been wanting it since my day was born. I have. ER with a few PS's and settled on the one who made me feel the most at ease. All of the folks I considered had done work on a friend who recommended them. I am most nervous about being nauseous post surgery from pain meds, but I have several things keeping me up at night. Oddly, the money isn't even a big deal. I have never had one stitch in my skin and I have only had wisdom teeth taken out.
I eat clean, workout 3-4x a week in a cross-fit type of gym and I have been battling a belly for years despite all of my best efforts. So when I decided it was time to fix my back pain, and go to DD or D, the mommy makeover just became the natural choice for me.
My daughter is 17 and my family and friends are super supportive of my decision to "take care of me" for once. I have been living on this site for a few weeks now and reading so many of your stories. I hope I have as good an experience as those of you who have shared! Now it's 19 days until the flat side,

Before pics

Here is what my body looks like despite clean eating and 5+ hours of crazy hard exercise every week. I'm not looking for perfection with these procedures, but I'd love a chance at feeling normal. I work too hard to look like Jaba the Hut!

Getting closer!

I'm nesting and excited to be close to d-day! I bought a 2-pack of 36DD bras today. I hope to be small enough to fit them in a few weeks!!

Bought ice packs, a mattress protector for my recliner and more pillows. I'm so ready to go!

1 week!

This time next week I'll be wheeling into surgery. Is it strange that I call it a procedure and surgery? Not sure which is more accurate, as it's a pretty big deal!

Had a dream last night about being post-op. I was wearing like an 80's style thong and taking a pic of myself to post here. Ok, I may be on here too much, but I'm a week out!!

I'm so ready to rip this bandaid off and shed these heavy boobs and kangaroo pouch! Last night I went to a Bon Jovi concert and realized midway through that my heavy boobs had exceeded the comfort time of the sports bra I was wearing. I can't wear regular bras anymore. Nothing fits. But sports bras dig into my waist and leave these gouges in my rib cage. Won't miss that.

I was told to buy a front zip bra for 1-week post op. Anyone have any tips on brands for this style? I'll need a 36/38 D/DD.

Getting closer!

Is it strange that I am sleeping BETTER this week than I have since booking my SX? Sleeping like a baby. It feels like I'm waiting to take an amazing vacation to a new place. All excitement and anticipation. There is always a bit of nerves in getting to the airport and finding your way in a foreign land. I wonder things like "do I know enough of x language to get around?", or "will everything be as amazing in real life as it is in my head?" That exactly how waiting for my procedure feels.
This weekend I hope to take one final trip to the store to get snacks like applesauce and jello and crackers. I have protein shakes and NutriSystem food for the weeks of recovery as a couch potato versus gym rat activity. I ordered bras for 1 week post op, CG's for whenever the doc tells me to switch from their garments to mine. I think I bought the right size, but if I had to go smaller, it's a welcome expense.
Work is preparing for my week off. I have a team of folks who are going to be fine without me but I plan to check in after the first week to make sure everyone is ok. I work in hi-tech and my team and I support people with disabilities across the US. I just want to make sure everyone is ok!
My daughter, who is 17 will be here with me while my BFF is here to give me nursing care.
My prescriptions are filled and lined up. $10 a pop, all covered by insurance.
Bought a mattress protector for my recliner
Bought extra pillows.
Bought a few comfy pants and tops with pockets for recovery. No mess on anything I love (but who knows what will fit post op?)
My chiro is also getting me the edible, only for pain part of marijuana (just in case I can't handle the oxy). This will be interesting.

All is set! Let's do this!!

Insurance approval!

I got word today that my insurance will cover my reduction! Hooray! I'll be getting part of that huge payment back! And I have the worst headache today. Woke up feeling icky. I'm going to work from home for these last 2 days so I am not exposed to unnecessary germs.

I ordered a shower chair yesterday and bought a shower hose. Gonna change the shower head to make washing my hair possible before I am allowed to shower. So close do "D/DD day", I could vomit. I'm sure it's normal to be this nervous. I am worried something will go wrong. I wasn't worried about that last week, but the fear is back. I just want to get this done so I can heal. I know I want this, but anxiety is winning for a few min each hour. My little sister told me I get the title of 'most fearless' out of the three of us sisters. I do not feel fearless today. But I am resolved to show up on Thursday and take pics and report back.

''Twas the night before...

D/DD day, and I am calm yet antsy. I spoke with the anesthesiologist today and I was calm. He said I sound good and we are going to breeze through this together. I love a good bedside manner! I just hope I sleep a bit tonight. I'm ready for the trip to the surgical center tomorrow at 6am. Gotta be there by 6:45 for a 7:45am start.
My recliner is ready to go. My nurse friend is sick so I have plan B in motion with a tag team of support. Oh and my daughter is also ill as of today. She's sleeping at my best friends home tonight so I don't catch anything. Nothing is stopping me from the flat side now!

Flat side

Made it. Did not die. Worst fear avoided. Slept a ton yesterday and still groggy. Been talking to my friends this am. More details to come.
Holy hell, do not cough!!!!

Been sleeping

Not much to report. Sleeping a ton! Getting up to walk and pee a few times per day. Not loving the binder I am in. And I'm in it till I see my PS on Friday. He called to tell me how please he was with the surgery the night of. I was out cold. Been texting with his nurse off and on. So far not too bad. I have graduated from feeling hit by a Mack truck to a small automobile. Have I mentioned coughing sucks?
Oh and I have gas but no BM yet. That's fun around dad. Lol.


The last time anyone cares about whether I had gone #2 was over 17 years ago, after my daughter was born. Well today, after being asked every day, and after switching to extra strength Tylenol through the day and even last night, I pooped! Sadly, I'm so bruised by the lipo that I can't wipe myself, but I have officially pooped!
And the flank lipo is uncomfortable in recovery but not super painful. I wouldn't say anything so far has been too bad. But I did take oxy every 5-6 hours for the first 2-3 days. I slept a ton. Now I can get up and down ok. My bestie just made me French toast with banana. I'm off to eat real food today, because I POOPED!
Hope all of you are healing well!

Washed my hair today

Well, not me, but I stood over the bath tub so my friend could shampoo my messy, gross dirty hair. I have baby fine hair and have never in my life gone for more than 3 days without shampoo. Today was day 7. It feels soooooo good to have clean hair! No shower allowed yet. I just keep baby wiping what I can and changing into clean, cheap soft jammies from Ross. And now I'm exhausted. Back in the recliner for me. Doc appt is Friday am. I really hope he takes these drains out!!!! This binder feels tight and I can only take shallow breathes. Want fresh bandages and a shower. And a nap. Lol. It's amazing how much of your body is just using all the usual daily energy to heal you from the inside. I am appreciative of all I can do, no matter how small.

Boobie drains out

Saw the doc today. First post op visit and BIG Reveal!! His nurse is great and she came in, started removing all my wraps and I got woozy. I had to lie down for the opening of my binder. Once there, and less dizzy, I had my friend snap a few pics.
They said my boobs should still get smaller post swelling so not to worry. She took out the boob drains and the only thing that was uncomfortable was the snip to remove the stitch holding them in. Otherwise I breathed deeply and it was over.
I got the all clear to shower so after I got home, ate and napped a bit, my friend pulled out the shower chair and I got in! Oh how I have missed a warm shower!!! Granted, I was seated on the bench. I soaped up and she washed my hair for me. The shower nozzle with a handle that I bought really helped!!! Now I am lying in my OWN bed for a bit while my compression wrap is in the wash. I have missed my bed!!

No more full time care

Well my best friend had to go home eventually, but she left me with a stocked fridge of fresh veggies, fruits, hummus and whole grain crackers. I have been eating all vegetarian with her for a week now and I feel amazing. Still making protein shakes as well.
Last night I slept in my bed for the first time since SX. I slept pretty well!! And I can get up all by myself to pee now. Add that to being able to wipe myself, and I'm one happy girl!
I made myself breakfast, snack and lunch today. I cleaned up the kitchen after myself. I am moving better and have more confidence now that I know where my sutures and drains actually are.
I've been braless since my appt yesterday and feel swollen. Trying to be kind to my girls...they feel so firm and traumatized.
Going to visit some friends tonight. My friend lives two houses down so I plan to venture out, drains and all, to visit for a bit. Fingers crossed it's cool enough out to wear a wrap to cover these drains!

Solo shower today

Took my first shower without help today. Feeling pretty good!
I ventured out of the house a couple days ago to be social with neighbors for about 90 min. Even though I sat most of the time, I was wiped out yesterday.
I've noticed that my boobs feel tight and almost flexed, so I am trying to just put my hands on them to warm them up and soften them up.
Photos next.

Pics from today

I think a bikini may be in my future with this front!

Progress report

I am hopeful that the lower drains come out tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

I showered today and did not use the shower seat, so there's another win. And I am driving again, despite the drain on my right hip being in an unfortunate spot for my seatbelt.

Been resting and walking around every hour or so. Drains only hit 10-15 ml per day. The belly button looks good so far.

I slept through the night with only 1 Tylenol PM and one extra strength Tylenol. That's 9+ hours with only two pills. Been stretching a bit longer than 6 hours per dose. I notice that my boobs feel tight if I get too far out from the schedule of Tylenol. And then I want to walk around (or sit) and hold them. Still can't cross my arms but I can use my hands more. I didn't realize how much a reduction would impact fine motor skills, but it did for me.

Bruising is going away and the back pain is too! I actually picked up something from the ground a couple days ago!!! Progress!!

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