36 Years Old, 34b, 2 Kids, 425 HP Silicone! - Mountain View, CA

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My road to boobyliciciousness started out the same...

My road to boobyliciciousness started out the same as many of yours...I was always relatively happy with my perky 34bs in my younger years. They fit my body well (5'3" and 115 lbs) and looked decent in clothes when (amply) padded. Then motherhood happened, and although I still had a somewhat ok shape, I could not deal with the feel of empty booby skin bags. This became a bigger issue to me after my divorce 5 years ago, as I lost some post baby weight and toned up. As expected, while everything else physically improved, my boobs did not! At the time of my surgery, I was a very small, sad, deflated B cup :( I originally went to my surgeon with conservative goals...surprisingly I had never wanted to go much bigger, just firmer. We looked at silicone HP 350-375 ccs, which my surgeon thought I could carry naturally. At the time (mid November and 6 weeks pre op), the 375ccs felt huge! Of course after finding this site, I (thankfully) developed a major case of boob greed, owed mainly to the amazing boobs of anna1989. Hers became my wish boobs (thanks Anna!), and my surgeon and I upped it to 400ccs. Fast forward to op day, and I told my PS to squeeze the 425s in if he could. I am totally in love with my new breasts, although some days they feel smaller than I'd like. I'm only one month post op, so we will see what the d & f fairy has in store!

Day of...

This is my first picture, day of the surgery.

First day

Finally home and all wrapped up! My first two days were rough. Thank God for a very loving and supportive boyfriend! Good aftercare is a must!

5 days post

Five days post op, 12/27. Lots of bruising on my sternum and under my left breast. The right one is riding high!!

8 days post

8 days post

Pics in clothes

Pictures from the last few weeks. I'm finally loving tank tops after all these years :)

Bathing suits!!

It's an amazing feeling to have bathing suits without all that padding!! I can't wait for the summer!!

Bra advice needed!!!

Hi girls, So this is my first non-sports bra...a wireless Body by Victoria. It is 34 D. It gapes at the breastbone! Is this a sign that it's too small? I also posted pic of a front shot so that you can see the cups. I've also tried 34DD and 32 DDD. Any advice?? It's so hard to be sized at first. Maybe I should wait a few more months?

One month post

Getting squishy and I think the right one dropped! I can finally shave my armpit without the implant riding up that high :)

A little update...

Big changes over the last few days! I think my boobs have dropped a little. This hasn't been apparent so much in the way they look, but more like the way they feel on my chest. They are hitting my arms at a new place; I've been kinda annoyed by it (but can't complain MUCH ;) I just haven't been used to side boob getting in my way! They also seem to be hanging a little closer together, which I am super excited about!

A few things to note at this point in my recovery: morning boob is the real deal! I still wake up sore. I have found that I am way more comfortable wearing my sports bra to bed, due to the fact that my boobies seem to contract a lot. I hope this is normal. I am also very veiny and engorged feeling!! Blah. I did a little research on this site, and it sounds like the super veiny look will go away. Hopefully soon! It's not all that attractive. I've started some easy lower body exercises, and it is so nice to feel back in the swing of things. I feel like any arm/chest exercises won't be possible for awhile though.

Last, it's kinda funny how at first you don't want people to notice and then you do :) Maybe because of the padded bras I used to wear, my new boobs haven't attracted that much attention from others. Like "it doesn't even look Iike she had a boob job" type of thing. Outwardly I guess it doesn't look like I made that big of a change. 425s seem to be easily concealed in clothes. Good thing...and bad thing. Damn boobie greed!

VS sports bra

Doing an easy workout. This is a wireless VS sports bra, padded, 34D.

Last post op appointment

So I had my third post op appointment on Wednesday. My PS prescribed Singulair for my right side. He didn't seem too concerned, but hopefully this will help with the dropping and softening process. My right breast has been higher and harder since day one.
On another (not awesome) note, I noticed a slight indentation on the inner curve (near my sternum) of my right breast. Of course I noticed it the evening following my appointment :/ I really hope Singulair helps when this issue too! My cleavage isn't looking all that symmetrical with this weird indentation. Boo! Only six weeks post op, and I know I've got a lot of changing to do. Lots of love and healing to all of you!!

7 weeks post op...already!

Almost seven weeks post-op now...I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I am feeling really good. I still have a few tender spots, especially when I massage, but overall feeling about 90% back to normal. I've resumed some lower body workouts...it's sad to see how much muscle tone I've lost in the last 7 weeks of non-activity! I'm taking Singulair for a month to help the right side. I actually think they look pretty even, but the right one still feels tighter. I tried on old swimsuits and summer dresses today. I know you girls understand the JOY of trying on old clothes and looking so much better in them. Things I used to feel didn't fit quite right, things I wasn't all that confident in...now it's like night and day. We are all so lucky to have had this opportunity, making the outside match the inside :) happy healing to you all, I love reading your updates too!

7 weeks!!

The D & F fairy

Maybe it's just the angle...but I feel fluffy!! Yay!! And although I've put off buying any more bras until the third month at least, I pulled out this one that I purchased a few weeks post op. It is a VS wireless t-shirt bra in a 34 D. I've got some bubble boob on the top...does this mean I'm going to be bigger than a 34D? Fingers crossed, a girl can hope, lol!! Size obsessed :)

3 months post

I've been going through a breakup which is sad, hard, and lonely. And then I wake up in the morning and see my boobs. The moral of the story friends? Boobies make everything better.

Now a recovery update...12 weeks post op, and my boobs are dropped and soft! I loooooove them, even if my ex has chosen not to. Boo hoo! But really, I am looking forward to maybe getting some real bras soon. I feel like I need to support my boobs at all times, and really only go without a sports bra for a short time in the evening. I also sleep in a sports bra because it's just more comfy. I'm still taking Singulair (even though they've dropped nicely) because I was having a flex deformity that was making me crazy. The wonderful patient coordinator for my PS office reassured me that my muscles are probably just irritated, which makes sense because I recently resumed some upper body workouts. Last, I've been having some sharp pains in both boobs this week. I will run it by my doctor, but I "assume" it is part of the normal healing process, even 3 months later.

Thanks for reading my pseudo diary. I feel better!

Bras and Scars @ 3 months post

Hi friends,
Since I just hit my three month mark, I decided to wear a "big girl bra" to work today. See pic above, it is a 32DDD Body By Victoria Perfect Coverage. It is my only post BA underwire, and I've been feeling the need for some additional support lately. Huge mistake! Grrrrr. The underwire cut into my ribs all day, and the straps were gauging my shoulders to death. Is this a common problem with you all? I really am looking forward to some comfy bras. I've been happy with sports bras for the most part, but as I mentioned, I need some more support! My boobs have dropped as much as I want them too, so I am being very protective, even wearing a sports bra at night.

I also started Scar Guard last night and just posted a pic of my scars at 3 months post to compare when I am done with the 12 week treatment. I've been using Bio Oil since my stitches came out, but the scars are still pretty dark.

Comparison pic

Happy Easter friends!! I did a cool comparison this morning while trying on a swimsuit I bought post BA. It really demonstrates the changes that take place in the first three months! I hope this is helpful to those of you waiting to D & F. Have a beautiful day!

Pinch Me!

I've been trying to write this post for awhile now, but darn it I've been busy (mostly reading other reviews :)! First of all, I love my boobies. And I love that this is the only place I can say that and not feel self-absorbed. I know you all get it! I am so HAPPY with my decision to do this for myself. One of the best choices, hands down, that I've made. Every morning I wake up excited and feeling better about me than ever before. It's such a great feeling to have finally done something to fix an area that I was previously self-conscious about. I know I'm preaching to the choir here ;) So moving on to the original point of my post, and that is BRA SHOPPING. If you've read previous posts, I haven't had a lot of luck with bras post BA and I was a little down about it (feeling like I wasn't going to find something comfortable). Thanks to the advice of NStephy (xoxox) I headed to Nordstrom and was fitted and it was amazing and life changing. I'm being a *little* dramatic, but it was such a wonderful experience. I ended up being sized at a "true" (what does that mean friends?) 34 DD (almost triple, hallelujah), and I ended up with three basic, everyday spectacular bras from Chantelle, Natori, and Wacoal. I have since made several trips to Nordstrom and have spent far too much on bras, but I am happy!! Chantelle is my new obsession. I hope hope hope this helps somebody, because I am truly excited about these bras. They are comfortable, supportive, and well-made. Worth every penny. Check them out if you have been cleared to wear real (underwire) bras and are feeling frustrated like I did. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did go to VS for some push-ups, both 34DD. I am keeping the coral, but returning the lace! Healing wise, I feel good. 3 month post op was great, although I am on another round of Singulair. I don't want my boobies to drop anymore, but I wouldn't complain if they get softer. I was also concerned because my scars have migrated up a little (not in my crease), but my excellent PS says this is where they should be. So I'm good with that! Thanks for reading! I know this is long winded :) Happy healing friends!!

Repost of pic

Another comparison picture!

I found my last comparison personally helpful; reassuring that I have indeed dropped and fluffed some. It's nice to see that my boobies are looking a little more natural now, and not so hard and stiff!

Retail therapy

Hi friends,
I bought some new bathing suits but need some advice. They are both VS. The purple one is gorgeous and sexy and super padded, which is good/not good. Boobs look ginormous and I might be uncomfortable looking so busty, but it might be right for an appropriate occasion (anyone want to go to Vegas? :) . Despite the padding, I am keeping it because it is so beautiful. But what do you think about the fringe suit? I know it's trendy right now, but I'm not sure. So I will let you all decide for me :) I think I will definitely take the bottoms back though. Love the fringe, but the coverage is SO minimal. If I keep the top I will just get some plain bottoms.

sports bra pic

Sports bra pic repost

Help a girl out!

So on Saturday my youngest daughter tried to squeeze into a recliner next to me...totally smashing my left boob. It hurt, and I moved her over. But now, days later, it still hurts BAD. Tender to the touch, and it hurts when I move AT ALL (bending over, walking, etc). What the heck is going on?? And I did email my PS, they want me to come in, but not until May 2... Has anyone ever had boobie pain like this? It is painful and I'm worried.

New bra pics

Hi friends,
I meant to post this earlier but haven't had a chance. This is a padded push up by Chantelle. The padding is a little less aggressive than VS but still gives a nice lift. It's definitely not my everyday bra now, but it's fun when I need a little lift :) Have a beautiful Sunday xoxox

Pics in Clothes

RS sisters! Here are some pics in clothes for BigMini. And ok, one naked selfie!

Dressing new boobs

Hi friends,
I haven't for the most part had to buy any new clothes since my BA. Everything I had before pretty much fits, with the exception of a few camis. However, I just received my first post-BA shipment from a clothes service I use called Stitch Fix. Previously I had amazing success with this service! I hate shopping, so having a stylist choose pieces in my size has been awesome. I am starting to see that it might not be that easy any more! I would have loved these three shirts before boobies...but now I just feel top heavy :( I don't know if flowy tops are suited for bigger chests, and I know many of you have mentioned this before too. But,
I don't always want to wear skin tight sweaters, especially to work. The struggle. Boo.

Who knew a sports bra would get me so excited?!

Recently, Anna1989 posted about an Aritzia cotton bra she got for sleeping. As much as I love sleeping in my stretchy Hanes bandinis, I've been breaking out on my back since my BA, and I'm thinking it has to be the spandex. So when I saw that this bra by Aritzia is 95% cotton I decided to order one. Got it today, and I'm super excited. It's comfy and fits well and it's pretty sexy for a sports bra. I wouldn't recommend doing actual sports in it though, as the support is pretty minimal. My only concern is the straps and whether or not they bug me tonight. We will see!! Love to you friends xoxox

This dress...

Last summer I bought this dress on a whim at a boutique downtown. I tried to feel good in it but just didn't. There was no way I could go braless with my tiny b-cups, and I couldn't make a strapless (padded, push-up) bra work. Long story short, I finally gave up and wore this dress as skirt with a white tank. Today I found it in the back of my closet and gave it another try. Take that, dress!!

(More importantly than my story...these pictures show profile and projection, for those of you Real Selfers trying to decide between profiles. I love the side view of HPs!)

And a quick update...I am 5 months post-op. I feel really great but still have minor twinges every now and then. My PS says this is normal, so I'm not worried. I have a check up the first week of June and will ask again though. Also, I hope my boobs get softer! Does anyone know if they continue to get squishier at this point? I've had a few people hug me and comment on how hard they feel. Ha. I would like them to feel softer and maybe move more naturally, if that makes sense. They jiggle, but not a whole lot. Problems, problems! Happy healing lovies!!

Almost one year!

Friends!! I've missed you all so much. Time really does fly by. I can't believe I'm about to hit the one year mark. I still love my boobs and would do it over in a heartbeat! Best decision ever. I took a pic for this update today and noticed a more pronounced size difference. I hope I'm just being picky, but they seemed more assymetric than usual. I have my one year check up with my PS next month and will see what he says. Otherwise, I couldn't be better. I think of you all often xoxoxo
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