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My dermatologist prescribed Retin-A for my severe...

My dermatologist prescribed Retin-A for my severe acne after exhausting quite a few other options.

Retin-A is only available via prescription. If it's not covered by your healthcare provider, you may purchase it for around $600.00 or more.

I'm African American and was a bit skeptical to use at first, but I trusted my derm and I'm thankful I did. My face has never been clearer. Retin A is truly the Holy Grail for the face. It's potent and it works. It unclogs pores and exfoliates intensely! A little goes a long way. Use once a day and only at night.

To start, let go of your other facial products while using Retin-A. You only need a mild cleanser, eye cream, and SPF moisturizer. Cetaphil has a great line of products! With prolonged use, you may work in light exfoliation, but it is not really needed as it can irritate the skin. Besides, Retin-A already exfoliates. DO NOT exfoliate in the beginning stages of using Retin-A.

After cleansing your face, wait 30 minutes before applying a thin layer of your Retin-A. Avoids eyes, nose, and lip area. Your skin will peel, itch, and may seem a lil dry, but the product is working and you must get through this phase to see the true benefits of Retin-A. These side effects will subside, so continue using and watch the magic-smooth, radiant, clog-free, blemish free skin-happen!
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