2 Days Post Procedure - Mount Pleasant, SC

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I have been dealing with...

I have been dealing with hyperhidrosis/bromhidrosis since age 8. I am turning 38. I have learned to minimize the sweat with holistic living and exercise, but for some reason it never helped with odor. When I get out of my morning shower, I have about 10 minutes before I start feeling moist. After using clinical strength deodorant, I am still musty by the end of my workday. I feel really uncomfortable if I have to go somewhere after work hours. I also take a shower before bed, in which I will stay dry a little longer but will be musty by the time I wake up. Wearing deodorant at night does not make a difference. When i am intimate, it does not matter if i bathed and used deodorant, i still sweat and smell of musk. Because deodorants seem to not work after a period of time, i rotate different ones which causes my lymph nodes to being more apt to get swollen and hurt. I've tried mostly all deodorants on the market, including natural, salt stone, clinical, drysol, sweat block, etc. Like I said, my problem is not with sweat, it's with odor. No amount of washing helped. I just ended up with raw skin. When I was doing some research I ran across Miradry and thought that this may be might by my saving grace since it is supposed to get rid of apocrine and eccrine glands so after reading about it extensively found a location to the nearest one which is 2 hours away from me in South Carolina and I made my appointment feeling like this is my freedom and my rebirth. I happily drove from my state to the next and had the procedure done. The doctor and nurse were extremely nice and helpful and informative the office was comfortable and they walked me through every step of the way. I did not experience as much pain as I expected almost no pain and I was in and out in a little less than 2 hours. That particular night I had no pain just a little swelling I followed instructions with icing. I took 800 milligrams of ibuprofen and went to bed. As an aftereffect of the ephedrine wearing off I woke up every hour almost on the hour not with pain but maybe just my body wearing off of the numbing shots which was pretty annoying. The next day I was very swollen even through icing and I did experience some minor pain but not too bad it was bearable but I could not put my arms all the way down and it felt uncomfortable enough to where I had to take a day off work so I just took my pain meds and relaxed at home and the second day when I woke up my swelling went down a bit more and I went to work, which is today. I do notice that I do have some odor and it's very disappointing to me because the main reason why I went was because of that, but I know that it's mainly for sweating and it does work for that. I do not have any wetness, so it does work for that. I'm very discouraged about the odor though. I hope that maybe it will get better when the swelling goes down but we will see.

1 week later

It is exactly one week later from my procedure. The swelling has gone down but not completely. I have lumps in my armpits which are slightly uncomfortable to touch and I have been massaging them with coconut oil. Until yesterday, I had not used deodorant and I a major issue with odor. I called the nurse who perform the procedure to ask for suggestions and she said I should use a deodorant. All i had was secret clinical which is what I have been using before. it worked pretty good for the odor, which it never did before, but made my pits extremely dry. The odor stayed away most of the day. The nurse also pointed out that maybe when the swelling subsides, the odor may as well, so I will be patient and wait about 2 more weeks to see. Other than that I have no sweat at all and that is the major part of the procedure. So it does work.

3 Months Post Miradry Review

It has been 3 months since my Miradry treatment, and I cannot say that I am happy with my results. When I spoke to the nurse who performed the procedure, she told me that I was just that "One" that it doesn't work for. Needless to say, I feel like I am always the "one" that gets the short end of the stick. Before the procedure, I had wetness to the touch (not excessive) and odor (with deodorant, it smelled as if the deodorant was being cooked or heated; without deodorant, I would always tell myself I smelled like a farm animal). After the procedure, I was completely dry in the 1st month, but resulted to being moist all day again. Odor reduced about 5% with deodorant. At work, about midway in the day, I will clean with baby wipes and apply more deodorant, and at home, I will just take another shower. I thought this procedure would be the answer to my prayers and give me the confidence I longed for. I am on the fence on whether I will do another session. The $2,000 was a strain on me and everyday I think of other things I really needed that money for. At the time, I thought if it worked, it would be well worth it. However, getting it done is not all negative. If I had not done it, I would always wonder if it actually works. I am happy that it works wonders for others. There's nothing like being able to have the confidence to help you live a normal life.

3 Months Post Miradry Review

I forgot to mention. Now that I have had this procedure done, my groin area and feet sweat like crazy and get funky. I never had this problem in my life. I thought that maybe I needed to get the toxins out of my body, so I Detoxed twice as well as continued my healthy living, eating clean and exercising. I'm trying not to let this be a nightmare.

Looking into 2nd session

I contacted another clinic. This time in FL. They said that I would have to pay the full amount for the 2nd procedure because there's no way to prove that I got it done the first time so they have to charge me the full amount. It sucks, but I know I would definitely not go back to the first place so I guess I will have to save my money.
Claudia Grimes

Dr. White and nurse Grimes we're very helpful and informative.

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