Mostly Really Good-but Very Long Down Time

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I am 43 years old, and am a landscaper. Until I...

I am 43 years old, and am a landscaper. Until I was about 37 I almost never wore sunscreen, or a hat. My face, neck and chest had quite a bit of sun damage- dark patches, and broken capillaries. My chest had a permanent ruddy area that was shaped like most of my scoop-neck tees!

I have had 3 IPL treatments on my faceand neck, and 4 on my chest. Up until this last treatment on my chest I was quite happy. My dermatologist turned up the laser, hoping to get really good results, but instead I was really burned (huge blisters), and 3 months later still have pale pink areas in the rectangular shape of the laser, with dark patches between. I can't wear anything but high necked shirts. I am going back in 2 weeks for a very light treatment with hopes of evening everything out.

I can really only have the treatments every 5 months or so, because, unlike others who seem to have no down time, I end up very burned,swollen, quite bruised, and my eyes swell shut! I am unable to go into public for the first week, and even then, I panic at the thought of running into anybody I know! It takes 3 weeks before I look "normal". My skin , however, looks better than it's looked since I was 30, and everyone notices. I recommend it, if you can tolerate the pain (I'd rate it high), and if you can take the time off to recover...

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