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I am mid 50s and a cancer survivor. I joke that...

I am mid 50s and a cancer survivor. I joke that when I go I want to die young. I am thin and my face just seemed to start looking worn and tired. I could do the pull up near the front of the ears and see the difference so I went shopping around for the right plastic surgeon. PS, I did waste a few bucks on Restylan prior to this.

I settled for a doctor who did a mid face lift. This goes under several different names. I used oral vallium and he placed local injections for numbing. I was awake the whole time. He made an incision from the top of my ear to the bottom. Shored up the cheek muscle, cut away excess skin and than sutured the seams together.

He gave me a script for Vicadine. I did not take that but did need to take Motrin around the clock. It was painful after the numbing wore off and for a few days. I did not bruise a lot but I did put DMSO on it twice a day.

He did a great job although I feel that one side is better than the other. It is not a drastic change but certainly a better change. I went to lunch with my sisters 3 days after. It helps to have a longer hair style to hide the incisions that go down along the front of the ear. I would recommend this procedure in the right hands and would not hesitate to do it again if needed.

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