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I have had huge boobs my whole life. Not only have...

I have had huge boobs my whole life. Not only have they been the source of unwanted attention and ridicule, but also of back, neck, and shoulder pain. As a plus sized woman, it always felt like a cop out to have surgery. Maybe if you just lose weight, it will get better. But I have gained weight and I have lost weight and nothing changes.

Due to strong medical documentation of years of back pain and skin rashes issues, insurance approved my surgery in about a week and now I am 10 days!! from new boobs.

My surgeon, Dr. Stiller, is outgoing and fancies himself a comedian and so far, I love it! While I am very nervous, I am also so excited I finally made this choice.


So I keep realizing that I'm not thinking much about surgery. Life is busy that there is really no time to worry about things. Ummm yeah. So yesterday the anxiety came like a bat out of hell and manifested itself in trying to be prepared. The list of all the things I need to do or getting long. I'm terrified that I'll never get it all done in time. Who's going to make sure my kids are taking care of the way they're supposed to be? Sure they know their dad and their used to them but it's not the same as mom. Do I have enough meals prepared in advance? Wait! I don't have any meals prepared in advance. Time to go shopping. Get home. What did I forget? Stool softener! Got to go back. Nobody's been said because I'm so focused on getting things ready to go. I am pretty sure my brain is going to explode by the end of the day! Wednesday will be here fast.

Tomorrow is the day

So less than 24 hours to go! I am basically falling apart. I want to cry and I don't know why. everyone demands so much of me I just feel out of control and really really tired. I am excited though. My back and shoulder have been bothering me extra this week and everyone says there will be immediate relief. I'm so excited for that. 6:15 am check in

8/17 Surgery Day

1. So I had surgery on Wednesday. Got to the hospital and they asked loads of questions. Changed into a gown and then they started the IV. The anesthesia guy came in and asked more questions and told me about the risks. Then Dr. Stiller came in and drew a masterpiece on my chest. They wheeled me down to surgery and I stood up and sat on the surgeons table and that is all I remember. I was only in recovery for 20 minutes before I went back to my room.

So how did I feel? I can only explain it is burning! The underside burns a lot. And I'm exhausted. People keep talking to me and I want them to all go away. I can't even send a 2 word coherent text let alone string together sentences. They took a little over 7 pounds from me. I will post updates for the other 2 days today. Zzzzzzzzzzzz..........

8/18 Day After Surgery

The day after surgery my mom convinced me it would be a good idea to get out bed, sit in a chair and eat. She may have been right if it was 15 minutes but at closer to 2 hours, I felt like I was going to pass out hard. I was so dizzy and uncomfortable. So after eating a small amount, I headed back to bed. The pain pills are my friend. I continued to take them all day and slept on off. Generally I was pretty comfortable. The pain is mostly stinging and soreness.

I had a follow up appointment that afternoon and again just being upright for too long seemed to be problematic for me. I sat in the room waiting for the doc to come in for 30 minutes and was sure I would pass out. I was hot and tingly and uncomfortable. He said try don't usually have people come in the next day but since they took so much off, he want to check my nipples and see how they were doing. He said the right is better than the left but both are fine and I will love the result. All I cared about was going home and getting back to bed!
Dr. Geoffrey Stiller

So far, so good!

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