Smart Lipo of Flanks - Morgan Hill, CA

I made the decision to have smart lipo this month....

I made the decision to have smart lipo this month. I had been training for a triathlon since April 2012 and was working out 6 days a week. 3 days swimming & 3 days strength training. I did gain muscle however, never lost the fat and I eat very clean. With the extent of my exercise routine I should have thinned out considerably but did not.

When I made the decision to have the smart lipo my physician had my blood work done. Turns out I have Hypothyroidism and am vitamin D3 deficient. My physician says no problem...Natural pig thyroid (Armour Thyroid) and 2000IU vitamin D3 daily coupled with smart lipo on the flanks.

Had my procedure Saturday November 10, 2012 and had quite a bit of swelling the first couple of days which made wearing my compression suit extreamely unbearable. I was given relaxation and pain pills which I took two of each the morning of surgery and then the numbing shots. I did not feel anything and the procedure was painless. I don't remember the procedure at all or even that entire day. I pretty much slept the first two days but by day 3 I felt like I couldn't breath wearing this torture device and wanted out of it soooo bad. Pain wise almost none.

I am post 1 week and am experiencing extreme tender areas under the skin where most of the fat has been removed (400 cc's) and the weird numbness. I am having trouble sleepiing because now I want to turn on my sides to sleep and with the tenderness I is uncomfortable.I have pretty much no bruising just a few small areas. I am also experiencing a setteling of fluid into the saddle bag area. I guess this is normal with gravity and all. I am being diligent about wearing my compression suit pretty much 24 hours except for the 10-15 minutes to shower.

I have my first post surgery appointment tomorrow and will keep everyone updated and will add photos as well.

Any encouragement is really welcomed

1st post-op appointment completed on Monday. ...

1st post-op appointment completed on Monday. Measurements taken show 4 inches overall less on the flanks. I am still pretty swollen and will be for about 3 months. Skin is starting to feel tight and sometimes when I turn weird I get a burning sensations which means scar tissue is starting to form. This is where the tightening begins. This week I have started while in the shower lightly massaging the areas with the bar of soap. Not too much pressure but just enough that I feel the discomfort.

Wearing my torture device is easier this week and will continue to get easier. I know the suit has openings to utilize the bathroom facilities going #1 not a problem just lean a little forward but #2...I literally have to strip it off to get confortable enough to go. Just some advise for others.

I am starting my eating protocal today in the hopes that I will drop some more fat since I am not exercising and won't be able to really go at it like I want to until about 3-4 months. Today I did 15 minutes on the elyptical...smooth and easy but no more that that. If I feel ok I'll do another tonite. Another two weeks and I can start walking on the treadmill. I'm thinking incline.

I have to say I wasn't sure about the blogging but as I continue to blog and update...It helps me to put what I'm feeling into words.

I have my two week follow up next Tuesday and will post new pics then as well.

For those wondering...the pink thong pics are before the procedure the peach bikinis are 1 week after.

I also forgot to mention...Pain. I had 3 days...

I also forgot to mention...Pain. I had 3 days before I got back to work...I suggest staying on the pain meds on a regular schedule and when you get to work ibuprophen. I was taking the pain meds at night because I am starting the tightening phase and sleeping was an issue due to discomfort.

Had my two week check up today and all is going as...

Had my two week check up today and all is going as the doctor said. On one side I have developed a hematoma which I was told may or may not occur. It's small and with continued massage it will diminish. I hate my torture device! This week some swelling is down in my waist which has always been very small so the suit is digging in and causing an indentation to form. If I have to go with this for 3 months it will be permanent I fear.

I am going to call the suit maker tomorrow and find out what I can do. Still only 15 minutes on the eliptical and walking around at work. I am pretty swollen at night still. Heat not ice to draw the blood to flow to the area to promote healing. I still have discomfort when sleeping. I am hoping that that will continue to get better.

I continue to update my blog weekly
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