Photodynamic Therapy

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I'm now a 21 year old male. I broke out when I...

I'm now a 21 year old male.
I broke out when I was 17. I went on minocyclin and an AHA/BHA routine and my acne was covered for about 4 years.
In April 2016, I broke out real bad so my dermo. put me on Retin A micro 0.04 and salacytic acid. He also weened me off my minocyclin. The first 2 months were terrible. I got cystic acne with nodules and whiteheads. I used to only get these little postules and whiteheads but this routine really made my skin terrible. He told me to stick with it for at least 4 months. Towards the end of that time my face improved slightly but now it was covered with acne scars from that purge and I was still getting at least 1 big pimple a week. Finally, my dermo recommended either Accutane or photodnymaic therapy (PDT). My face was not nearly bad enough to deal with those terrible side effects from Accutane and I also love to drink... I agreed to do the PDT.

Best decision ever! Its been 3 weeks since my 1st session and my face is significantly more clear than it has been in the last 6 months. The treatment itself isn't bad just uncomfortable. The downtime is just annoying because it's like you have a constant sunburn that is only get worse during a 48 hour period. The week after, my face was pretty dry but I was able to go to class on Monday.
I did my treatment at my dermos clinic and costs 750$ but if you have the means absolutely do it. Breaking the bank is much better than hurting your liver in my opinion.
He recommended we re evaluate after two treatments but I will most likely do 3 just to make sure this problem is taken care of. I will update after each treatment!
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