WillNotBlame my Kids I WasSlim Afterbut my Illnessand theSteroids I HadtoTake MessedUp my Body overtheLast 10Years. Montreal, QC

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I am struggling with the result of my body weight...

I am struggling with the result of my body weight gain and loss, gain and loss..... And the fact that I am now close to 60 years of age doesn't make it any easier for my skin to handle the up and down in size. My breasts and my tummy gave in to gravity. I am thinking about a tummy tuck for quite some time now. Although I have heavy breasts they were still ok some years ago but show now also the negative effect of gravity and would certainly benefit from a breast reduction. Besides the aesthetic aspect I also suffer from the usual troubles of heavy breast, neck and back pain as well as sometimes really horrific shoulder pain. My family doctor therefore referred me to our local plastic surgeon to apply for a breast reduction though our Ontario healthcare system.
So all I am doing is to wait for the decision.
Thanks to all of you who had the courage to post their story and photos, it help me in my decision tremendously !!!
I hope I will be approved and become one of the happy and lucky ladies who will spend the rest of my life on the flat side.

I am approved for the breast reduction

..... and can not wait to get it done. My shoulders are in constant pain especially at night from the bra shoulder straps. I have another appointment with my plastic surgeon in August to go over the surgery and hopefully get more details and to make sure that he know what I would like to see as a result.
Dr. Réjean Arbour

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