31 YO, 2 Kids, 32a cup, Natrelle Inspira SSF385cc (HP cohesive gel)

I spent so much time reading reviews from other...

I spent so much time reading reviews from other girls here and it really helped me through this exciting but scary adventure, that I decided to pay it forward and write my own review as well. Hopefully this will help other girls figuring out what is best for them and what to expect!

I'm 5'7", 125lbs, and I'm barely an A cup right now. I've never had boobs really, but they were firm and round so it never bothered me that much. In my young teenage days I was maybe a B, but most of my life I was an A cup. I got to a 34C while breastfeeding (went from 32 to 34 from weight gain) and I loved it! I felt like a real woman for the first time in my life, even if it was really hard and filled with milk lol! After that, I was left with NOTHING but skin and my breasts now just look so sad lol! I'll attach some photos of what I look like now so you guys can see. My nipples are what bothers me the most because they are all wrinkled.

My surgery is tomorrow!! I'm feeling extremely nervous but also super excited to say good bye to my small saggy boobies and finally feel comfortable in my skin.
I'm very lucky that I have the support of my husband, family and friends and I don't feel like anyone is judging me for what I'm about to do, which actually makes the process a lot easier.
I never thought it would be such an intense process actually! I went through so many emotions since my first consult a couple of months ago... From "OMG I'm gonna look so hot in my bikini" to "What the hell am I doing, do I really need/want this?". But the worst part was choosing the size!! Omg so complicated because CC's look so different on everyone! Thankfully I have an amazing PS who is very experienced and I decided to just trust him with the size.

My surgeon is Dr Papanastasiou in Montreal and I was told he is the biggest implant buyer in Eastern Canada, inducing Toronto. He has 30 years of experience and specializes in BA so I felt in really good hands with him. He is expensive, yes, but if I have to go through all this I want the best possible result and I want to avoid complications in the future. So for me, if you can afford 8k for a BA anyway, the 2 extra K is definitely worth it. You are putting your health and body in someone else's hands! Maybe it's because I have kids too, I take it very seriously! Plus, he is such a gentleman and really takes time to answer my questions and gives me a lot of details which I really appreciate. Very nice clinic and amazing staff!!

He ordered Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch smooth round high profile cohesive gel implants, in 385cc and 415cc. Because my breast measures only 12, he was very limited to small implant in the medium profile range (360 has a 13 cm base so it wouldn't fit) and he said that would only give me a small C. That's why he is going in the high profile which will give me volume without being too wide for my chest.
I tried sizers in his office and also did the rice sizer test at home and I'm scared that 415cc will be way too big. But he said because it is behind the muscle it will look a little smaller than the sizer. He said he would try both sizes in the OR and see what fits me best (415 is a little wider so it might not fit). I want fullness (full 32C) but I also don't want to end up looking top heavy and everyone noticing my boobs!! Ideally something very natural that I can hide well at work so I don't get unwanted attention in my professional environment, but that can also look very sexy in a push up bra when I go on a date with my husband! ;) I think what I'm looking forward the most is being able to wear a dress or shirt with an open back, braless!! If I do that now I'm just flat LOL!

I'll update tomorrow after surgery to let you guys know how it went! Wish me luck!!

Off to bed, tomorrow is the big day!!

Ok so I'm going to bed now and going to try to get as much sleep as possible, but feeling very excited and a bit nervous so not sure how I'll be able to sleep.
The house is clean, I did all the laundry, my parents are here to help with the kids, and my husband took two days off work to take care of me, I got all my meds... I'm ready!!

The doctor prescribed some antibacterial soap that you have to take your shower with the night before and the morning of, and I cannot eat or even drink water as of midnight tonight. I had to take an antibiotic pill before the fast and I have to take another one tomorrow before surgery... on an empty stomac with minimal water, which I'm a bit worried about because antibiotics are usually quite irritant and need to be taken with food, but they also give you Zofran (anti-nausea), so hopefully I'll be just fine.

It's very strange that I'm way more relaxed now than I was yesterday! I guess I'm just ready and want to get this done!

Now I'm going to sleep and try to dream about my new boobies lol! Good night guys xo


I had my surgery this morning and it all went super well! Everyone has been so nice and I'm not sure why but I wasn't really nervous. I felt ready and quite calm! My husband was more stressed out than me lol!

What I thought was really nice in the OR is they wrap your legs with leg massagers, I think to ensure good blood flow, but I liked that you have something to focus on before you fall under anesthesia...

I woke up a few hours later with a really nice nurse who let me relax and checked up on me here and there. I didn't feel nausea and not so much pain, just a lot of pressure on my chest, like someone sat on my chest and my ribs were crushed.
My husband came to pick me up quickly after and took me home. I couldn't sleep because of the pain, so I just tried to relax. I started eating slowly, took my meds, and finally was able to fall asleep around 3pm.
I felt a lot better when I woke up. I was able to get out of bed by myself and ate a little bit for dinner with my family.
Now I'm just extremely tired but not so much pain (I would say level 3/10) the meds seem to work well.

My PS is supposed to call me tonight to check on me.

In terms of size, it's hard to say now but I think it's actually perfect for me. I ended up with Natrelle Inspira SSF385.
Here are some photos with the post-surgery bra on. I haven't try to take it off yet, but I'm really looking forward to take a reall look at them!

Day 2: feeling better already!

Hey! So my PS called me last night to check up on me and I wasn't feeling too bad, the worst was that pressure on my chest, but he said it should get better very soon. He told me to take two pills before bed so it knocks me out and I can have a good night of rest. couldn't sleep until the meds kicked in at around 11:30pm, and I slept really deeply until 4am. I was in a bit of pain but I could tolerate so I just stayed in bed until me husband woke up at 6am.
Once I ate and look more meds I was actually feeling quite good. Not much pain anymore and much more energy.
Trying to take it slow now so just watching some TV and relaxing.
I took a peek at the girls this morning and I'm so happy with the result!! They are big enough for my frame but not too big either. Of course they will still change (they are super stiff and a bit high) but I think they're going to be perfect once they drop so I'm very happy! Can't wait to see the final result!!!

Day 3: No need for pain killers anymore

So it's officially been 48h this morning since surgery and I can't believe how quickly I am recovering! I was expecting the pain level to be a lot worse since it's under the muscle. Since I woke up this morning, I haven't felt any pain unless I try to reach out for something or when I'm getting up from bed or the couch, so I completely stopped the pain meds which is great because they were getting me really bloated!!
Loving them so far, I just feel like they are far apart and I hope they get closer together once they soften.

One week: feeling great!!

Hello ladies! I can't believe it's been a week already.... And I'm feeling great! I never thought the recovery would be so smooth. The first 48 hours were sure unpleasant, but not that bad with the pain medications. After 48 hours I was completely off meds, and started feeling much better! On day 3 I started moving my arms a lot more, lifting heavier objects, reaching higher and it was just better and better every day. Day 4 was my post-op appointment and they said everything is looking great. They said I don't need the strap anymore and I was finally allowed to take a full head to toe shower which was two amazing news lol!
Today I can really act normal, I just have to be careful lifting too heavy. The bruising that I had around the incisions is almost completely gone and they are very itchy sometimes so that's a good sign of healing!

I really had a boob greed on day 3-4 because somehow I thought I went too small. I also heard emotional mood swings were normal after a surgery but I didn't feel like posting an update because I really felt depressed. I missed holding my 7months old daughter and I was feeling very disappointed that I went through all this and spent all that money to have boobs that are so small. I guess because they were really tight, they felt really small but now that they are starting to soften a little bit more, I'm starting to really really love them!! I actually now think they fit my body perfectly, not too big, not too small. And I know they are still going to change a lot. I still cannot completely get them together for a cleavage and they are still quite stiff, but I have a better idea of what they will look/feel like and I'm really starting to love it! The size looks very similar to the rice sizers as you will see in my photos. I have attached a few so you can see my progress. Can't wait to go bra shopping!!! YĆ©!!
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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