Fraxel or Hydroquinone for Acne Scar Treatment on Dark Skin? - Montreal, QC

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Hello, I am african and I live in Canada. I have...


I am african and I live in Canada. I have had severe acne and I was young and had multiple acne products from lotions to cream etc... I even had microdermabraision to try and even out my skin tone but it didnt work as it left me with temporary dark strokes all over my face. It disapeared after 1 month but I still have my scars. And i still have some acne pimples here and there; in summer being more acne prone than winter.

However, I have also tried different thing for my scar and so far the ones that faded it a little bit were Dr Dennis Gross peels, Fresh Peony Mask and Dr Denis Gross serum.

I went last november for a Fraxel consultation an the doctor prescribed something called Blanchisse that might help lighten them a bit before using Fraxel . I used that product for over 5 months (she only said 3 months) and the onl thing it really did is calm down the acne . After reading Fraxel reviews here, it feels like One type of Fraxel is not efficient is enough but safe for dark skin and the other type is more efficient but too strong and might leave other dark scarring.

I read about hydroquinone an wondering if you would suggest it and at what percentage?

PLEASE HELP ME.. I am a makeup artist and want to have completely clear skin!!!!!
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