Consultation Review: 20 Year Old, 5'10". 155 Pounds. Breast Augmentation. Montréal, QC

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Hi ladies, I've read a lot of these and decided...

Hi ladies,

I've read a lot of these and decided to start my own. I am planning to get my BA in May 2017. I'm consulting 4 doctors and will make my decision soon.

Up to now I have consulted Doctor Chen Lee in Montréal. Despite 33 years of practice. I am confident he in not the doctor for me. He is pretty convinced I will end up with a double bubble because of the way my breasts are shaped and he claims there is no possible way to make the gap in between my breast smaller through Augmentation. He also believes that no matter what breast Augmentation you do "they never look natural". A very odd claim to make as a plastic surgeon. Other than that. He is a very soft spoken man, very knowledgable. I just don't believe breast augmentations are his area of expertise.

Consultation with Dr. Hani Sinno

Hi Ladies,

I'm happy to say that I have found the surgeon that will be performing my upcoming BA. Would definitely recommend Dr. Sinno to any woman looking to go forward with a breast augmentation. I was already aware that I had a deformity with my breasts called "Tubular Breasts". Dr. Sinno went into great detail as to how we can fix the issue to avoid any further complications and give me a more beautifully shaped breast that I am looking to achieve. He gave me a lot of insightful information about the surgery and you can really see that he truly cares about his patients and always wants the best outcome possible.
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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