Worked First Time Around, No Result Second Time

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3760anon mentionned that the best candidates are...

3760anon mentionned that the best candidates are under 25 years old. That may be true because i personally had 2 endermologie treatments at different times in my life, the first one when i was 20 years old, managed to get me completely rid of cellulite in 10 treatments. The second treatment i got done, was when i was 27 years old and of course my cellulite was a little more than it had been at the time of the first treatment, but not by much and i had the same body weight.This treatment gave zero results. Btw, i also tried velasmooth in between, no improvement on cellulite but noticeably tightened the skin.

centre de massodermie

If you are willing to try this treatment anyway, i think this clinic is a good one, they are honest and professional.

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