5 Foot 5. 115 Pounds

I cannot wait to have a beautifull booty I am...

I cannot wait to have a beautifull booty
I am thinking between 440 cc and 500
I have been reading Real Self and absolutely love everything. Their is so many information.
I have been wanting to get implants for a long time I am looking for a doctor in Montreal.
Still debating on oval or round and what exact size with my body type.

First appointment on Friday.

Here is some pictures of me. I hope you guys can help me with size and shape.
I am thinking between 400cc and 500cc
I would love oval shape. I find it looks very natural. I love going to the gym and the more I read your comments it seems that oval might not be my best options.
I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you
Looking for a great doctor in Montreal

My first appointment is Friday December second. I am hoping to have my operation end of January 2017. I cannot wait.

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