30 Years Old, Double Jaw Surgery - Montevideo, Uruguay

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*Treatment results may vary

After 2 teeth removed (plus two wisdom teeth) and...

After 2 teeth removed (plus two wisdom teeth) and nearly 4 years of wearing braces I got my double jaw surgery.

There is a lot to talk about but at the time of writing this post it has been 7 months since the surgery.
My upper jaw was moved forward 8mm and rotated left 2 mm. The lower jaw was also moved back a couple mm and centered.

I know it has been a while since the surgery but the posts i found here plus the posts i found on the internet inspired me and kept me calm along the process, so i felt i owed you this.
The treatment is nearly over, i am expecting to have the braces removed in a couple of months (not that i am in a hurry at this point).

To be honest I am really happy with the results and i would do all over again in a heartbeat, I think it improved my appearance but even if it wasn't the case the functional improvement alone would have made the procedure worth it. My surgeon also offered me to have a rhinoplasty since my nose is 'too wide' and crooked to the left. I already have the money to do it but i don't know, it makes me feel vain and superficial to even think about it. I still have a couple of months to think about it while my face heals.

The surgery was paid by insurance and i just paid for the materials used, roughly usd600. I don't know what the total cost of the whole procedure was.

Anyhow, i hope it makes sense (it is 15 to 2 am) and i know i am missing a lot of information but feel free to ask me anything and i will be happy to answer you as soon as i can. Also, if you are considering this procedure and are in doubt for whatever reason, DO IT.

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