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I am about 10 days after having SmartLipo on my...

I am about 10 days after having SmartLipo on my upper and lower abs, love handles, and chin. Before procedure I was 5' 4 1/2" and weighed 147lbs, with measurements of 40-39-40 (yes, that's right). My waist was only one inch smaller than my chest & hips, and it was impossible to wear nice clothes. I was EXTREMELY unhappy (had been thin & muscular all my life, and got this body after 2 babies - 1 right after the other - etc etc).

Immediately after the procedure, with swelling, fluid, etc I measured 35" waist (with compression garment on, with pads underneath) - I was elated.

There is a lot of pain - not during the procedure, but certainly afterward. At 10 days I am still mostly numb and a bit lumpy, and very painful to the touch, although moving around is totally easy now.
It does seem that swelling happens more in the week afterward - I looked better 1 day after, for instance, than I look now. Waist measurement right now is 36", without the compression garment.
My doctor's instructions advised a high-protein, low-carb diet for the next few months, otherwise I could regrow fat/stem cells and return to previous. So I will continue to report on how it goes, but I am pleased overall.

OH - and neck is still a little painful, but DEFINITELY more sculpted, without a doubt. No more Turkey chin!

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