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I have consulted with doctor bernadino 3 times in...

i have consulted with doctor bernadino 3 times in reference to revisional surgery to correct
a blepharoplasty performed by a cosmetic surgeon in guadalajara.
Although Dr Bernadino suggested it would be difficult to repair my upper eyelids to the heighth of normal asian anatomy at this time,that it would be best to repair the obviously
deformed lower lids.

Every day when i look at my eyes,i wish Doctor...

Every day when i look at my eyes,i wish Doctor Bernadino could fix the upper lids to the height of normal asian anatomy....
I still have the huge dent in the middle of my eyebrows where the dermal fat graft is and last week,i went back to Doctor Moorwood who had filled the dent in 4 months ago successfully with restalyne to use up what was left as the dent was becoming evident once again and he used it up around and under the fat grafts making the dent more evident and then told me there was nothing he could do but he suggested botox....then told me to seek a second opinion....everyone means well.....I cant wait untill Doctor Bernadino fixes me,so i can get on with my life...
pre-op is 02/11/2013
surgery is 02/19/2013
post op is 02/26/13
I am nervous and excited...
So much has happened in 7 months

The pictures i am adding the night before my...

the pictures i am adding the night before my revisional lower lid blepharoplasty are as follows.
before my original upper and lower bleph done in guadalajara.after 6 months
and later after this revision

The surgery itself took 1 hour and fourty five...

the surgery itself took 1 hour and fourty five minutes.
I was awake during the entire procedure.
Dr Bernadino explained everything that was going on and i experienced little discomfort .
I will update as the days progress.

2 day is February 22nd 2013. I had my revision a...

2 day is February 22nd 2013. I had my revision a look under eye surgery on the 19th of Februaryby DrCarlo Robert Bernadino.
it took about an hour and 45 minutes, and I was awake during the entire procedure. Doctor Bernardino explain to me step by step what he was doing and what the procedure in tailed. He is a very gifted and precise surgeon.
I am going to post 2 days picture and keep you updated as time progresses. I think 1 day he maybe able to fix my upper lids also. Talk to you soon

Today is 02/24/2013 the 5th day after my...

today is 02/24/2013 the 5th day after my revisional blepharoplast with a canthopexy.
I am not feeling any pain past the 2nd day and cant wait for the stitches to come out.i look pretty scary still,not black and blue so much now as green and yellow.and still very swollen.Doctor Bernadino called me to make sure everything was okay and to let me know if i had any questions to feel free to call.
really a nice person
ill update as time goes on

I had the stitches taken out yesterday i still...

i had the stitches taken out yesterday
i still have a lot of swelling and on the sides of my eyes i have a wierd bump and a vertical line that makes my eyes look very odd.
doctor bernadino told me yesterday that everything will even out and i am hoping that is the case.
i will wait a few days before i take pictures so some of the swelling can come down

Today is 3/3/2013 i am having a lot of problems...

today is 3/3/2013
i am having a lot of problems with my right eye.it has only been 12 days out of lower eyelid revisional surgery with (i think) a canthopexy.
my right eye looks very strange and where he reattached the muscle it is very visible and stretches above my lower lid to the upper lid with a bump on both sides and scars.
i know the scars will fade with time.
meanwhile i wrote to Doctor Bernadino as to what to do to maybe make it better...or somehow stretch it out before it is too late

I had an appointment today with doctor Bernadino...

i had an appointment today with doctor Bernadino concerning the strange shape of my right eye and the bumps on either side of both of my eyes where the stitches were.
it has only been 3 weeks since the revisional surgery and he said that it should resolve itself within the next month.
I am still swelling and he also advised me to do tissue massage to help with the scar tissue .

Today is exactly 30 days after my revisional under...

today is exactly 30 days after my revisional under eye blepharoplasty and canthoplasty or canthoplexy(im still not sure which)with Doctor Carlo Bernadino.
I am still experiencing a lot of swelling but not as bad and my eyes still look a little strange ,bumps on both sides and the long scar on the right with the over corrected looking muscle ....im thinking with time it will get better and better and the scar will disappear and i will look wonderful.only time will tell...well here are my 1 mon th photos.it is hard to see what i am talking about with the flash and with makeup,but ill try....i no longer have the lumps under my eye though from my first surgery

I have an appointment with doctor bernidino today....

I have an appointment with doctor bernidino today. A follow up appointment. I still have the lumps on both sides of my eyes bumps underneath my eyes and a weird stretched out muscle on the right I especially. I am hoping that when I get there he will not just say do tissue massage and it will get better. I have to meet with my husband's family for Easter and I am embarrassed that it looks so strange once again. We will see what he says. My eyes look smaller it seems, and I still don't know exactly what it is he did. I will update this review when I get back after 4 o'clock this afternoon. Here is a picture of my 1 eye and the bump that it has and it did it is exactly the same on the other I also.

So far not good.even worse and my eyes are uneven...

So far not good.even worse and my eyes are uneven and have strange lumps and creases.. my doctor says it will heal...we will see.it has been 2 months

Still have a lot of swelling on right eye i am...

still have a lot of swelling on right eye
i am hoping it will go away
i am hoping for the best
it looks awful

trying to be patient and not so depressed

i hate what i have done to myself

Vantage Eye Center is a joke

i told Doctor Bernadino i would give him 6 months after the revision to see the results
and pray that the weird job he did would go away,so far it has not and my eyes look small and strange with an odd pinched look in the corners,and bags just in the corners of my eyes where the stitch was on both sides,when i went back to see him on my 3rd month,he yelled at me,told me it was my fault because i lead an active lifestyle and pretty much in a nutshell let me know that he was not responsible in any way and i was NOT to seek another revision....i was totally disgusted and upset but i am STILL trying to give the man the benefit of the doubt,i am trying to walk in HIS shoes.he is under a lot of stress,everyone makes mistakes,not everything turns out perfectly for everyone,i understand,i am human too.He works for a corporate company that probably regulates everything he does and perhaps he does not have the opportunity to rectify any procedures gone bad because of the center(Vantage Eye Center.this i dont know either.so i go see him,he does all of this,treats me like crap,then sends me a bill and charges my insurance company for(an encounter).
i am livid.this is the second one since after my surgery and i payed 4 grand out of pocket for this supposedly simple procedure.i call the billing department and she tells me that the post op visits arent covered by insurance..PAST 3 MONTHS????
WTF?this is a plastic surgeon no?i did not use insurance.
i trusted this guy and although i know he is busy and under the gun working for some big eye center it is NOT my fault and i should not have to pay the price for them being @#%$%$ up.now my 6 month post op is coming up,i dont know what to do.the center is a joke.the doctor is blameshifting and had the balls to yell at me and tell me it was MY fault????AND i am going to get charged an additional couple hundred dollars for a 2 minute post op visit???alls he would have had to do was explain his situation,an email,i would have understood.i am pretty smart and i am very compassionate.accidents happen.its not the end of the world,but
i dont know.pretty bad customer service and the center sucks...point blank...the Doctor?well i dont know...i really dont know what the dude is all about...will post 6 months pics soon


i am nearing my six month mark.
Dr Bernadino wrote me an apology letter stating that after his last meeting with
his employer Vantage Eye Center,that the policy of charging for post ops past 3 months be extended for a year post op.
He also assured me that if there were any problems with the initial surgery that a revision would be done free of charge.
I am going to see him next week.
and will update then

waiting for what??????

tried to make an appointment but could not get one untill the 28th of this month...
this doctor is very very busy...my 6 month review was on the 19th but i did not want to write my review before i had an appointment.
as it stands today,my review is not good.
the marks will be very low...
i will give them the benefit of the doubt and see what will be done and be a little more patient.

08/23/2013 with a lot of makeup on

will post side pictures showing fat pockets and pinching

in the light

under the light

6 month review

im not happy with the results and am definately not happy with Vantage Eye Center but i think Dr Bernadino is a nice guy and hopefully will do what he can.

6 month review

eyes have become very small and have skin bunching up on both sides of eyes
I went to see Dr Bernadino the day before yesterday for the 6 month post op..
He agreed that the size of my eyes was much smaller and told me that the skin that was nunching up causing the lumps could be corrected with another surgery scheduled on 9-23-2013....but he stated he did not want to chance trying to correct the size of my eyes or shoulkd i say the malposition of the lower lids because it may do more harm than good....i just wanted the rippling under my eyes from extra skin to go away originally.other than that i had beautiful eyes,a beautiful face....now i am afraid that this next surgery will make my eyes even smaller.....i am hoping not,but i am scared to death....here are before my first surgery with bernadino and now

forgot to add

Doctor Bernadino also suggested massage several times a day to somewhat help the scar tissue to stretch and that will help the smallness of my eyes.
it seems to be working already as a matter of fact.

Going to surgery in 1 hour to have Dr Carlo Bernadino do revision

My revisional surgery is at 12 pm.it is for a revision to the revision for under eye bleph.
I am a nervous wreck and dying for a cup of coffee,even called the surgical center to see if it would be ok since the last surgery i was not sedated and had only local anesthesia and was awake the entire time.
they said no....
i appreciate the doctor offering to do the revision free of charge but i am really worried that my eyes will be even smaller than they are already from the first revision.
He assured me in an email that the chances were slim to none....are my beautiful unique eyes forever gone now?
i like Dr Bernadino,i do...Im just nervous and afraid.....I will be out of surgery around 2pm and will update tonight and the rest of the recovery with photos...so bummed i am going to be going through recovery again.....i am hopeful and will try to be patient..
Please Dr B....dont let me down...restore my beautiful eyes


so 5 MINUTES AFTER i gave a stellar review for Dr B
i recieve yet ANOTHER bill from VANTAGE EYE CENTER for a physicians visit
after i was told that post ops will now bw covered....for a year
they have billed my insurance already this going on the THIRD time....I like Dr B.but VANTAGE EYE CENTER is #$@^%$#

third day after revision 09/23/2012

pictures of third day after revision...notice the stitches on sides.
lots of bruising that will go away
great job,healing nicely

2 weeks after revision for revision

i went to see the doc yesterday for my 2 week post op
he had taken the stitches out on the prior monday
and on my way back to work i was vigorously rubbing my right eye and reopened
my incision
the doctor was kind enough to meet me at the other office,and although had a full caseload with many many patients,managed to fit me in and restitch my eye up using dis-solvable sutures.thus no 1 week pics....
i will probably have a visible scar,but not his fault..
he told me to massage daily to help break up the scar tissue....
my eyes seem a little larger,but will never be the same as they were before the revision.....
i miss being beautiful.
although my eyes do not look bad by themselves,because they are much smaller,the rest of my features look strange...my nose now seems abnormally wide,my face too long,i look so much different....
maybe it is standard procedure for a surgeon to sew up lower eyelids to smooth out the skin underneath the eyes and to prevent ectropion...i dont know,i am not a surgeon only a patient.....but for now and maybe for the rest of my life i will have to accept that i am no longer a beautiful woman.....

photos later

i have to go to a meeting but will post photos upon my return

2 weeks out photo


photos from the doctors office before and after

i do not know what he did to cause my eyes to become so small and strange..
he does not tell me and let me know that he is done with me...
first he told me he did not do a canthopexy but in the records he said he did...i am asking him to own up and repair what he has done...these are photos from my records i picked up from his office.the first 2 are before he did the lower blepharoplasty for bags and the second 2are after,then another before and after..
it is not just a very small cosmetic difference,yes the bags under are gone but at what a cost.
how could a human being do such a thing and not feel responsible?
what recourse do i have?
i am so depressed and angry?
why he did not just let me know he was not ready to do this surgery or suggest i go to someone else..
how could something so simple go so wrong?
i am glad i recorded every appointment i had with him so that i would have all of my facts straight.
i am not out to hurt anyone or destroy them but i did not plan on having someone destroy me and just shrug his shoulders and tell me to go away either...and i paid him to do it..
no,im sorry or anything...unbelieveable

looking through photos from 9 months ago

i cant believe how pretty i was before i let Bernadino do my lower lid surgery....
i found a thumb drive that had hundreds of before photos on it....so bummed


also when i wrote him an email about it he asked me to refrain from emailing him again so i have not

shout out

just wanted to give a shout out to ,everyone following my blog....the inlaws,the steps,the exes and my friends


i also forgot to add that during the booking process i was hurried through after my second visit to the scheduling nurse who asked for a deposit IF i wanted to book a surgery,that was refundable if i changed my mind....i wrote out a check and was informed by my bank that it had been cashed the next day.
when i called to talk to the eye center about it,i was informed that this was their policy......so even though i had reservations from the beginning ,well,you know the story....

tarsal strip procedure???

i have been wracking my brain and researching what my doctor could have possibly done to my eyes during surgery and came upon some videos on youtube that ended up looking exactly like what he did to my eyes..it is called a tarsal strip procedure and it is done on elderly patients for droopy lower lids and ectropin
why he would do such a thing for someone young and attractive is beyond me....here is a pic before the stitches came out ,,,,sure looks like that is what he did.....what an injustice...no wonder he said it was not repairable .....and he still has not told me what he did exactly


i have been in the process of seeing several other cosmetic and occuplastic surgeons to give me an idea of exactly what it was that my occuplastic surgeon had done,i had scheduled 2 prior after care appointments with him but cancelled because so far it has only been a waste of time as he had never been honest and forthright about what he had done and he never took responsibility.
I understand that accidents happen,he did the best he knew how,he did not expect this to turn out this way.but to destroy someones best asset cosmetically and shirk all responsibility is so very not cool....will update after the next consultation with yet another surgeon.

had my after care follow up with Dr Bernadino at Vantage eye center 12/19/2013

i had my follow up appointment with Dr Bernadino today at 9:40 am
I brought my husband as support and witness.
Dr Bernadino promised that he would finally explain what it was that he had done to my eyes to make them look so strange and freakish,sunken and hollow, if i came in person and that he did not feel comfortable explaining anything in his last email encounter.
Although at this point i absolutely did not want to see him in person,i wanted some resolution and explanation as to what may have caused such a bad result.
I would have accepted any honest answer so that i could convey it to someone else who could repair somewhat what he had done.
I recorded every visit and consultation i had with him so that i would not be in error as to what had been explained.
unfortunately,Dr Bernadino continued to deny any wrongdoing,would not accept any blame,blamed everything on everone else including my previous surgeon,told me he had done nothing to change my eye shape,completely denied he had shortened my lower lid at all.he also told me that i and my husband were fabricating bad results and he was not responsible.
He also stated that there was no change in the shape of my eyes whatsoever and still adding insult onto injury refused to explain any of the surgical procedure .
He adamantly and steadfastly denied shortening my lower lid in any way.
My husband,who is a man that does not lie or speak up for almost any reason stated that he felt terrible that he himself had vouched for this doctor and he felt responsible because he can see how badly the results turned out and then how badly i was treated AFTER my eyes were destroyed by this surgery.I was so proud of him,my husband.it took everything for him to say that.Dr Bernadino also stated that he knew all 400 something occuplastic surgeons and their children ....hopefully he will not also destroy my chances of having what was done repaired.
This man has costed me soon to be tens of thousands of dollars,my beautiful eyes,my self worth and destroyed my trust

now signs of ectropin

to add insult onto injury,i am also in addition to my eyes lloking terrible
have started to get ectropin.
thank you so much doctor for everything
posting side before and after bernadino and next week will post pics of ectropin as it progresses

what i am left to live with now

this photo was the last visit i had with my occuplastic surgeon in his office.
i took this photo myself...

1 year ago 02/19/2013

left and right eye.
doctor tells me these are successful surgeries.
thank you doctor.what a nice person you are

my drivers license right before surgery with Dr Bernadino

this is what i looked like right before Dr Carlo Rob Bernadino operated on my lower lids to reposition fat pads...he destroyed my eyes.cut my lids short,denied responsibility.he tells me he performed successful surgeries on me and he did nothing wrong.he has ruined me....i wish i could turn back time and never let him operate on me on february 19th 2013

before bernadino

right before,my drivers license

i need advice

is there anyone who can help me?

my eyes are ruined

my beautiful almond expressive one of a kind eyes have been destroyed by this surgery.how can something so simple go so wrong...and on top of ruining the shape of my eyes,this person lazered
every bit of fatty tissue from under my eyes and left me looking old and strange....wow,i was so beautiful and in a single hour this person has ruined me

for those of you that think that this doctors work was not that bad

these photos are from his office from before the lower lid work he took himself
they are of my whole face.
he laughed at me because i said it ruined my face
you be the judge

im sorry,first one is before and second one is from months after

preop postop

do not let this person touch your eyes

do not let this man touch your eyes if you are looking for an aesthetic outcome.
if it is something medical and you dont care what you look like go ahead

the reason why it looks so bad

i had a teardrop shaped inner canthal and my surgeon raised the canthal and that is what has completely ruined my eyes.i had to go to 3 other doctors just to find out what Dr Bernadino had done.had he been honest and owned up and at least told me the truth even though it looks bad,not knowing and having no answer is what really hurt me and infuriated me....now i am trying to find someone who is capable of fixing it.and he wouldnr even help me

my eyes hurt so bad

my eyes hurt so bad

it seems impossible to believe i ever looked like this 10 years ago and what a huge difference your eyes can make

look at the eyes i was so proud of.i could stop anyone in their tracks..
who would have thought such unique eyes could be just a distant memory now

i have been to see the most gifted and knowledgeable occuplastic surgeon.he has never seen a case like mine

after going to more than a dozen surgeons and specialists
i have found someone who could perhaps help me.
He is an expert in his field and basically just a really good honest talented man.
I totally trust him 100 percent.
He was completely baffled as to what Dr. Bernadino had done.
He had never in all of his years of occuplastic revisions seen anything like what has happened to me.It will cost me 11 thousand dollars to undergo surgery to see if he can repair the damage.
He was completely honest with me,because he had never seen this before it would be a very complicated procedure and i would have to be awake during the surgery to insure no muscle damage.He was asking me what this man had done and of course since Bernadino would not tell me i had no answer.
This is the only way i will have an answer and hopefully this very difficult surgery will be successful.
This is the last of my savings
I am devastated by what has happened to me and how i was treated.
I do not want to go through the rest of my life looking so strange and in pain.

the newspaper ad this doctor and company post constantly in the local paper...

please look at photos
his experimental procedure on me destroyed my beautiful soulful eyes
and left me odd looking,unattractive and very very sad
he still to this day would not admit sewing my inner lids together

when i blink

i forgot to add that when i blink,my lower lid pulls up and into the inner corners of my eyes,including my cheeks....how could someone so knowledgeable do something so ignorant

why did i make such a terrible choice

i couldnt imagine a worse result

I used to be so beautiful

My eyes were so beautiful.I am not only ugly.I am disfigured


perhaps this was used in his experimental surgery on my once beautiful eyes.
no wonder he will not tell me what he has done.

3 year update

life after bernadino
first one is a few days before bernadinos lower lid supposed fat repositioning only and second one is now.
did he put that poriferous material under my eyes?
when i was awake he told me he was doing something he was perfecting.
how can anyone think this is okay to do to someone?


this is what my whole face looks like
people turn away when they look at me

when i look up,eyes are all pulled up on the inside

i went to a very prominent doctor and he told me NO ONE would ever pull up the lower medial canthus.he told me he guaranteed this.
well this guy did.i am hoping this at least can be repaired and hopeful it will make all the difference in the world.you be the judge...has anyone seen this ever?

dr carlo rob bernadino destroyed my beautiful eyes.left me looking like a freak

my ex and best friend of over 25 year died 2 days ago and i cant even go home to the funeral and see his family as i am difigured so badly and will not even be recognized by the family.i dont want to hurt them any more than they are hurting already and i am completely embarrassed by my appearance.
i am heartbroken and devastated and cant even be with the people whom i considered my only family because of this doctors experimentation...


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