Fraxel for Melasma - Treatment Results Do Not Last - Montclair, NJ

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I had 3 fraxel treatments a year ago to treat...

I had 3 fraxel treatments a year ago to treat moderate/severe melasma. The inital results were very good and I was very happy, almost all of the melasma was gone. But here it is a year later and the melasma is back and actually looks worse. I use sunscreen and stay out of the sun as directed.

I feel like I flushed $3600 down the toilet. I was promised the results would be great and I would only have to go for a once a year "touch-up". No way dont believe it. I have full blown melasma again. Treatments are also pretty painful, although I tolerated it at the time.

Think about it, if fraxel is such a miracle treatment for melasma (which is such a difficult condition to treat) why aren't more derms endorsing it? Many who suffer from this condition are desperate and are willing to try anything. Unfortunately I was one of these people and now I feel like the derm that treated me was only in to make money.

I am now experimenting with chemical peels (Vitalize peel). Its too soon to tell if it will be beneficial but after one peel it has seemed to even out my complextion a bit, lets hope it will help with the melasma.

So my advice for anyone with melasma looking to try fraxel, dont waste your money.

Dr. Downey

Procedure did not work to treat melasma

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