Monkey Mouth/ Whisker Pads from Radiesse

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I wanter to look more refreshed, the lines were...

I wanter to look more refreshed, the lines were making me look haggard since I have a long angular face with high cheek bones and have gotten hollowness in my face as I have aged (I'm 52).

I'm so sorry I didn't read these posts beforehand, I wouldn't have gotten Radiesse. My Doctor didn't please me so much, seemed kind of rushed, since I got the treatments on an "injection day" which I guess is the new thing for some plastic surgeons, an assembly line of women getting needle sticks.

I had Radiesse topped off with Juvederm for nasolabial folds. I also had Juvederm injected in 3 lip lines, which smoothed out in about 3 days and looks fine. But 17 days later, I started to look weird; the filler was up under the ends of my nostrils and makes them flare a little, and the upper sides of my mouth looked very pouchy, like cat whisker pads, even monkey-like. There is a very full-feeling lump more on one side than the other, and I'm very unhappy that I look so much worse than before with the lines on my face.

Will these lumps and pouches go away in time or do I have to live like this for a year until it all dissolves? I sure don't look like the "after" pics in the Radiesse or Juvaderm ads. Thank you!

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