Good Results, but Money Better Spent on a Face/necklift

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I went in for Botox, came out with a Photofacial,...

I went in for Botox, came out with a Photofacial, Thermage and Botox. Was extremely pleased with the Photofacial for several weeks (repeated treatments are recommended at $390 each). It has been 4 months since the Thermage and the jowls are gone, but my neck is still not good.

The overall cost at the end of the day for the ongoing temporary 'quick fixes' adds up to more than a face lift, neck lift and laser resurfacing which would produce better and longer lasting results. Wish I would have waited a little longer and done more research. Now i don't have the time or money for the face lift (approx $9500). The Botox was the BEST! Except for the cost. $800 every 3 months hurts... In a little over 2 years, that's a total face lift.

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