27yo Breast Fat Transfer. Montclair, NJ

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I'm 27, tall and athletic. I've always wanted...

I'm 27, tall and athletic. I've always wanted slightly bigger breasts to balance out my bottom-heavy figure, but have always had small little A cups. Implants aren't really my thing, and when I heard about breast fat transfer procedure, a lightbulb went off in my head. Liposuction for my ever-chubby legs? Slightly bigger boobs without fake foreign objects sewn in there? Sign me up. So now, after a solid year of research, hemming and hawing, looking at every photo and review, saving up some $$, I'm finally getting the surgery TOMORROW!

I'm getting fat removed from my legs - thighs, knees, ankles and calves - and having it all put into my breasts. As of right now still contemplating putting a little in my face (undereye and cheek area) since when else will I have all that available fat to do whatever I want with!? Dr. Bond, her patient coordinator and basically the whole internet confirmed that "results are unpredictable" with fat transfer to breasts and "don't expect a huge size difference" but I'll be happy if I go from an small A to a full B, as long as they have a pretty shape and (equally important) the lipo areas are contoured correctly and not rippled and uneven as I have seen in others. Dr. Bond assured me that if I wasn't happy with final results in 8 months or so, she would perform a revision - and that really put me at ease. So I'm going under tomorrow with general anesthesia and will spend the next 8 weeks or so recovering, massaging, poking, prodding, and patiently waiting for swelling to go down. Can't WAIT for my new boobs. I'll be posting photos periodically to give back to this little community which was so helpful in my decision-making. Wish me luck manana!

2 days post opp

Had my surgery and it was A-OK! I went under general anesthesia and it was over before I knew it, woke up hours later with legs elevated and two huge new boobs. Seriously! They feel swollen, hard, and a little tender. I only have two little incision marks on either side (see pics) and no bruising. I wonder, will bruising show up later? I like the overall shape of them but can't wait to see how they look and feel in a few weeks- hopefully settled down. As is, they're a little square-ish and wide. Patience, right? My legs, on the other hand, are super painful and swollen - haven't seen what they look like underneath all these bandages but I'm not allowed to take a peek until my 1 week post-op visit next Tues. My ankles are two mottled balloons, and I can already see bruises coming to the surface. It's pretty painful to walk - like I ran a 10k without stretching afterwards - but I've been getting up regularly and hobbling here and there around the house. I have a pillow in bed that I keep my legs elevated - I can feel the difference when I stand and the pressure is back on my feet. Taking arnica, antibiotics and painkillers periodically. Another thing - My whole body seems to be really puffy - eyes, face, rings on my fingers are tight, belly, arms, etc. Thinking this is just part of all of it but how annoying!

On a side note, feeling totally bored and restless, laid up here in bed... I wouldn't recommend anyone do this on their own or without ample time to recover. My little sister has been helping me, and I can't foresee going back to work or feeling sturdy on my legs for at least another week. Will my shoes ever fit again? What will legs look like?! The anticipation is killin' me!

2 weeks Post Op!!

YAY! It's been 2 weeks since my breast fat transfer and life is more or less back to normal, except now I have an exceptional rack! I had my one week post-op visit with Dr. Bond check in, to take those itchy bandages off and get into some compression garments. I told the good doc that she really outdid herself. She put a total of 420cc's into each one! If any one has a good analogy for how much fat that actually looks like I'd love to know. Dr said they WOULD get smaller, but they haven't yet - just softer and more shapely. Virtually no bruises on the boobs, and check out how small these incisions are! I'm flipping back and forth through my before/after photos with glee. Why anyone would get a hard set of fake silicone boobs is beyond me - I feel very natural and super happy with my results thus far, and my decision to go with Dr. Bond with this procedure, etc. As of right now I'm a full 32 C ! Dreams DO come true :)

Re: legs. I think I'm still swollen and will be a few weeks before I really see results from lipo; I have read that it takes longer to see results on a thin person like me. I hope that she took enough fat out of my knees, which I told her were my biggest concern. I can't really tell difference between before/after on those. Legs are a rainbow of colors, bruises going down, taking arnica etc. I bought a pair of full-on compression tights and it feels much better to wear them around. Without them I still feel achy and bruised. I'm massaging and rolling out with my foam roller. Can't WAIT to start exercising again, which I can do at one month, Dr. said, though "don't overdo it and no sweating, because that shrinks the fat cells". I'm worried that if I lose any weight this first month, it will disappear forever from my boobs. So holding off on summer slim-down for now.

ONE THING: I can feel the dissolvable stitches she put on the inside of my incisions. When will they dissolve? I don't like them - I even feel one sticking out of an incision on my leg - I trimmed it down so I wouldn't be tempted to yank it out.
Will update at 1 month!
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

I didn't shop around to a lot of doctors - I chose Dr. Bond right away because of her experience specifically with fat transfer. It hasn't always been approved for cosmetic application, but (according to her patient coordinator Judyanne) Dr. Bond has been using fat transfer technique to reconstruct breasts for cancer survivors for over a decade. She was very caring and knowledgeable in our consultation and spent time listening to what I wanted (and what I didn't want - going over the areas where I'm getting lipo) so I feel confident in my choice to go with her as my doc.

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