37 yo mom of 2 - Southlake, TX

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37 yo mom of 2

I've been on this website for a couple months waiting to post my journey, I finally quit smoking ????. Btw.. anyone considering plastic surgery must stop smoking (at least 6 weeks prior to surgery) before a good surgeon will operate. I booked my surgery originally for February 17 then March 8 now April 13th, It took me 3 months to completely quit after 25 years of smoking. I am 37 y.o.mother of 2 boys now ages 13 and 11 after giving birth to my first being 98lbs prior to getting pregnant and at delivery 154 ????.I've always been larger up top and very petite 4"11. I view my body similarly to an over weight person who's lost alot of weight, what do you do with all that extra skin? No amount of exercise will repair breast feeding and excess skin ???? so here we go I'm going under the knife April 13th I'm very excited, nervous and anxious but I've been waiting for this now for 10 yrs and it's about time!! I will keep y'all posted, yes if you guessed Texas

I talked to Kelly yesterday and I'm…

I talked to Kelly yesterday and I'm scheduled for my pre-op on the 21st to go over everything and take my before pics. I've had to reschedule this appointment twice due to my smoking, now that I'm a week smoke free I feel so much more confident about the surgery thanks to Dr. Vennemeyer's wife Andrea (who's also a Dr.) Addiction specialist so who better to help me quit smoking. I now have so many more questions when I go to my pre-op from just reading reviews on here and other people's experience. I've had a C-section and had a tumor removed from my left breast before so I feel more anxious about the surgery because I know the pain and bruising to come, I've read other people discussing Exparel and I'm really hoping that my Dr. Can provide that for me? I have 10 days til that appointment and I will keep y'all updated and continue documenting my journey. Btw, I've really been opened up to alot of criticism and shamming from people who I felt were friends or from people who I've told and they've discussed me without me around to others. Has anyone else encountered this situation?

I want to keep posting maybe not daily but…

I want to keep posting maybe not daily but how I'm feeling on my thoughts the closer I get. I saw pics earlier from a girl that had a lift no implants and a tummy tuck I hope I look that great!! I am having sad moments to because my husband, (not the father of my children) I've never felt confident in my baby body in front of him, sad I know. I'm kinda mad that he's never tried boosting my confidence and now I'm like after seeing the pics of that other girl, Damn!! I'm not having surgery to please him I've wanted this before him.. so I'm a bit confused and upset and yes if you guessed we are arguing right now you'd be correct. He actually said to me not these exact words but in short he isn't attracted to me, my body. How sad so obviously I'm anxiously awaiting the big day

29 day!! I'm so obsessed with boobies right…

29 day!! I'm so obsessed with boobies right now scrolling thru other people's post. Funny when I look at my naked pics I don't think I look as bad as I feel about my saggy Maggie's and baby bump.. still happy to see it go

Okay ladies my pre-op appointment is…

Okay ladies my pre-op appointment is tomorrow!! Very excited I can't wait to get all the details (time, location etc.) I know where it will be preformed but I was stunned to find out after all that surgery they send you home the same day!! WHAT? So I did ask to stay and recover of course I have to pay for it ($1,000.00 a night) but I'm scared to go straight home after such an extensive surgery. After having a C-section I had to stay 3 nights so I figure at least 1 night I'll stay and see how I feel the following day. I'll keep y'all updated

I had my pre-op on Tuesday and everything…

I had my pre-op on Tuesday and everything went well, all clear to go!! I had my naked before pics done.. ugh!! I was photographed at every angle and told not to suck in. I can't wait for both my reduction and tummy tuck after doing that. I had a nicotine test done to make sure I wasn't smoking and I can assure you after the doctor telling my my nipples can rot and fall off and my tummy tuck incision won't close he scared me enough and I Googled photos of people who smoked and botched surgeries I scared the shit out of myself and told my husband who is also a smoker if he was gonna smoke he had to go outsideat and across the street! (Just like the hospitals that say you have to be 50 feet away from the entrance) got all my meds filled, filed for my short term disability, put in for my vacation so I don't loose pay waiting for short term to kick in, now I wait... When I think about it now that it's so close my stomach starts to flip and turn, I'm really scared but trying to be tough because it's what I wanted for so long. I'd like to look in the mirror and like what a I see and wear what I want without men gawking at my boobs!! PERVS. I'm still back and forth on the size and how much I want to reduce, yes I've been big my whole life but if I go too small I might freak out!! Then what if I hate it? I'm thinking a small C and my husband says how about a B? If you've read my before post you'd know I'm thinking to myself,"Whatever!!" Their mine and all mine I'm not doing this for you and you don't get to have an opinion. So anyways just thought I'd update and share my thoughts and how I'm feeling now and how excited I am for myself and anxious, all sorts of emotions.

Okay.. I have 2 weeks today!! Just wanted…

Okay.. I have 2 weeks today!! Just wanted to document how I feel about the surgery, I'm super excited and still putting on a brave face but I am really am terrified. I'm just hoping for an easy recovery, as I know everyone does my heart goes out to the ladies that have had complications, necrosis, revisions, and botched opereration. Wanted to also post my wish boobs :)

Hello ladies, it's been a while but with 4…

Hello ladies, it's been a while but with 4 kids and my husband is haven't been able to log on and post but I have managed to take more before pictures.. Eww, tomorrow is my last day of work..YAY! 5 more days

Okay ladies, so today was my last day of…

Okay ladies, so today was my last day of work.. Whoo-hoo!! Now I have 4 days til my mommy makeover. I really don't have much to add to how I'm feeling I've been focused more on my last days of work to be concerned with stressing about all the things everyone else stresses over.. pain is a big fear for me and I've read so many reviews and it's almost a half and half on who experienced lots of pain and others none at all other than discomfort. When I was pregnant with my first son idk why but my fear was he was going to be a hermaphrodite so as you can tell from that I concern myself with the most off the wall sh.. if it's going to happen or could happen I'm afraid that's when the karma bus is gonna decide to stroll through :/ Anyway that's my thoughts today I also took some pics in my bra today..

Back again!! Today I didn't do a damn thing…

Back again!! Today I didn't do a damn thing you'd think I'd be preparing but I'm that one who waits til the last minute to do everything.. (drives my husband nuts, he's a list and take notes guy) but any who I really just logged on to see other people's post and updates. I took another pic today of me laying down and I look like Jessica the cartoon from Roger Rabbit.. lmao!!

I finally made it!!!;) I really can't see…

I finally made it!!!;) I really can't see any thing because I'm bound up, I'm tummy hurts more than my boobs but I can tell you they are high anf tight :) I'm really sleepy just keep dozing off.my stomach muscles feel really tight and a bit sore but just like a did alot of setups
Here are some pics

Okay so I have gotten up to walk and the…

Okay so I have gotten up to walk and the pain is mainly getting out of bed. The nurse did say she was amazed that I've been feeling so well other than the stomach muscles and I think that might be from the binder so tight. Plus absolutely yes I will take my pain meds every 4 hours, I'm not trying to be a bad ass they give it to you to help. The day nurse was amazed at how well I was doing I've already walked around twice and really no complaints

I'm back at home now I would have preferred…

I'm back at home now I would have preferred staying longer but my husband left work at 8am said he couldn't focus knowing I'm at the hospital alone. I would have been just fine, the staff there were great!! and Dr.V did an amazing job. The staff said I was one of the best patients they've seen because my pain wasn't any worse than doing a million crunches, I was up walking the halls, no nausea and I ate solid food last night (Chicken breast and broccoli) but like I said before take the pain meds! They give them to you for a reason. I can't understand the mom's who want to have a natural birth and no medication, It helps tremendously and I'm not trying to be tough, I don't like pain even if I know it's gonna be just for a minute, take the meds as directed. So anyways I took a pic so here ya go 1day post-op

Hey ladies and maybe gentleman?? So I'm 2…

Hey ladies and maybe gentleman?? So I'm 2 days post op and honestly my back f...in hurts more than anything and then my abdominal muscles are so tight ( I know that's probably a good thing but damn!!) My boobs don't hurt hardly at all so that's great now if it can just sleep thru the stomach pain that'd be awesome. I never got nauseous or not able to eat solid food, the night of surgery my husband went to Applebee's and got me chicken breast and broccoli and it ate that just fine without any problems.

Hello ladies thought I'd check in with…

Hello ladies thought I'd check in with y'all, today in 4 days post op the pain is tolerable but those pesky nerve endings trying to repair themselves is no joke!! I only say that because if anyone here is about to have surgery or is in recovery that sharp shooting pain that BURNS and feels like something hot (like maybe warm blood) is rolling down wherever the burning sensation is. It's perfectly normal I remember that pain from my C-section. Not much more to report except I'm ready for these drains to come out and fast forward to full recovery. Also I say it only hurts a little more because I'm all alone now, I have no help anymore my husband went back to work, here's some pics for y'all

Mommy Makeover and Soooo Worth It!!

I've wanted a breast reduction since I was 18 but never really considered it then at 23 I had my first child via C-section and my breast got HUGE!! I have a picture of me breast feeding him and my nipple was as big as his head, and that's when I really realized how big I was (seeing a picture put it in perspective) then at 26 I has my other son and breast fed him as well. Now I'm 37 and ready to get my flat tummy back and my boobs back where their suppose to be and Dr. Vennemeyer did a superb job at helping me fulfill that!! Many many thank yous

Mommy Makeover

Hi All! It's been a while since I posted, I've had my mother in law here this past weekend and it's my husbands bday. I thought I'd check in and update you guys on how my recovery is going... GREAT!! I couldn't be more happier about the decision I've made, my pain has been minimal the worst pain I had was from my stomach muscles being sewn back together and even then it just felt like I did a million situps. I have no pain now and I prefer wearing my binder and bra binder opposed to not wearing it.. so anyway here's some pics


All is going well!! Go back to the Dr. Friday to get tape off

Boobies revealed

YAY!!! For boobies ;) I went to the Dr. today and got the tape removed from my incisions and the big reveal...

Mommy makeover

Right now I feel like the bride of Frankenstein, I know the scars will fade and I'm only 18 days po. I'm over the moon about my results I'm just not that patient!! Can't wait to get summer ready :))

Mommy makeover

Alright so it's been about a week since I've posted so I'll update.. still feel like my tummy scar makes me look dead but my boobs!! Omg!! I'll just post the pics and let you guys decide, ( I still have to remind myself it's only been 3 weeks) knowing how my C-section scar looked I'm super anxious for it to heal quickly ;)..
I showed my daughter for the first time today exactly what the Dr.did to my stomach and she said, "OMG, we can go to the beach now!!" Haha

Mommy makeover

Okay so it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted, everything is going well. I have to admit that I do not wear my binder, the binder I came home in from the hospital is too big now and I bought a gel zone binder ($80) that's really awesome it's not so bulky and it's like the silicone scar strips so it does also help with scaring but I just hate the binder!! I do wear it at times when I'm at home or if my husbands on binder police duty.. lol. I have bad stretch marks from pregnancy so I like that the binder says it does help with that too and I've been using Madera on my old stretch marks because it seems that since my skins been stretched from the tummy tuck my stretch marks seem more prominent. Anyhow how get on with what everyone wants to see and that's the photos so hear ya go!!

Mommy makeover

Thursday will be 6 weeks!! Yay :)).. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything contuines to heal properly and hope I'm out of the woods for anything to go wrong. I still have 6 weeks of recovery tool with my short term disability, the kids get out of school this week too so I'll get to hang out with them for a month as well before I have to go back to work. I posted in my last post about a new binder I got that also helps with scaring if you have stretch marks so I thought I'd talk a bit more about that and let everyone know that you can get it on Amazon and the name is Gelzone scar fix. I'm posting a picture so if anyone has any questions.

Mommy makeover

Shut the front door!! Omg. I'm in love with myself again ;) and that's a great thing! Anyone who has had, thinking about or is in their own journey my best advise is DO IT. I'm still trying to find my voice after a young love lost, having babies, finding love again, kids growing.. I needed to find myself again and this has been the best way to represent how I really feel and that's GREAT!! Thank you ladies for all your support and I'll still update from time to time but my journey has ended.
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