Bye-Bye Sketchy Mole

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I had a mole that fit the "concerning"...

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I had a mole that fit the "concerning" criteria that you always read in all the beauty magazines. I made an appointment to have my regular doctor look at it. She said it was suspicious looking and that I should see a dermatologist to have it evaluated.

I found Dr. Jennifer Reichel here on RealSelf. I went to see her this morning. She said because it had changed over the last several months she would recommend biopsying it.

Her nurse numbed the area, and I kept my eyes closed the entire time Dr. Reichel removed the mole and sutured me up. I felt absolutely no pain.

I have to keep a band-aid over it, with an ointment on it to help it heal up. In two weeks I go in for a suture removal.

I had a mole removed from my leg several years ago, and although this mole was in a much more sensitive area it was a far better experience. Dr. Reichel was very gentle in her approach, and the only thing I "felt" was the tension as she sutured me up.

I'm a bit bummed that I will have a little scar, like I have on my leg, but oh well. Could be much worse.

Updated 1/9/12

I had an appointment with my dermatologist last Friday. I had 2 little skin tags under my right arm that I didn't like the look of, so I requested they be removed. I was surprised when I was told that they may have actually been moles & they wanted to biopsy them, but whatever - they were taking them away & that is all I cared about.

Like the other mole, it was easy, a tiny pinch to numb me up, then I didn't feel a thing. The worst part for me is that it grosses me out when I look at the little sores left where they were removed. I don't know why but it makes me queasy. These ones were so small they didn't need stitches...for some odd reason that makes them seem grosser to me - I'm weird, what can I say?! Oh well, they will be all healed up & only a memory in a week or so, so that is fine! :)

Updated 1/20/12

I received a call last week from Dr. Reichel's office and the two tiny moles they biopsied were perfectly fine. I didn't expect to hear anything different, but still always nice to get that call.

Seattle Dermatologist

Very gentle. Discussed pros & cons of removing the mole. She made sure I was comfortable during the entire procedure.

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