29 Years Old, 115 pounds, 5'6" , Mother of 2, Breastfed for Total of 4 Years, Stretched Skin - Modesto, CA

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I have been wanting to fix my tummy ever since...

I have been wanting to fix my tummy ever since about 6 months after the birth of my last child. He stretched me out to the max and I didn't make it back to the body I was expecting after 6 months. I was able to lose all the weight and get lean again, but my tummy retains the padding. And there is extra skin that obviously will never disappear. I am "blessed" with the skin type that doesn't like to retract back to a natural shape once overly stretched. Anyway, I didn't know what my boobs would look like until about 4 months after my son weaned at around 2 years old. I was a lovely, perky, cute A cup before pregnancy. I got Pregnant with my daughter at about 22 years old, breastfed her until she was 25 months old. I was about 4 months pregnant again when my daughter weaned. So I never got to see how they would deflate. I breastfed again for about 2 years, then slowly, as the milk dried up after weaning, I got to see the end result. Being slim again, I do not even fit an A cup. I do fit a preteen AAcup. I was so devastated. I wouldn't take back breastfeeding for anything in the world. It was worth it. But it really did a number on my breasts. Luckily, we have the means at this moment, to fix them up again. I'm excited to fill my breasts back up so I can wear a "big girl" bra again and have this extra skin and diastasis recti taken care of. This surgery is no joke and I am a little scared of pain and complications, but I am very ready to have the body I want again. I know I'm not 22 anymore, but I do think I'm young inside and want to look it and feel it outside. I'm so sad when I go shopping and both PANTS and BRAS AND SHIRTS don't fit right. Nothing looks flattering right now. And I want to be able to get undressed in front of my husband without being embarrassed. He has never complained or acted like he doesn't like it, but he has said, since I booked the surgery, that he is excited for when I'm healed to see me be confident again, like I was when I was younger.

Here are some before pictures. THis is hard for me

These show my deflated breasts and my tummy. Both do not exactly "go" with how slim I am. My breasts have flattened out and my tummy cannot get any flatter than this because of the extra skin and the large separation between the muscles.

Before pics and sizers

Here are some pictures of pregnancy. This is me pregnant with my second child. And what my breasts looked like while pregnant and nursing. I wish I could have just kept those. And then some pictures of the sizers. I got to bring home some sizes. I brought home 300cc and 325 cc. Then I tried 350cc and 375cc. Both are moderate profile. I think I'm going to go with 350 and 375cc. There is a slight difference in size naturally. But I also had a bleeding breastlump removed last year that took away a significant portion of my already teeny tiny breast.

All done

There is just so much pain. I expected the worst and got even worse than that. So tight and painful on my whole abdomen. The staff at the hospital was so wonderful. I get to go in for my first post op today to see my breasts for the first time and check out my tummy. We shall see what we are working with.


Still lots of pain. I was a me to have a bowel movement yesterday and today from lots and lots of fruits and veggies and protien powder mixed with fiber. No cheese or bananas, that stop me up. It hurt, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm going to continue with this high fiber diet for the first month or so. Wraps came off yesterday and my breasts look outstanding. I'm afraid to unhook the bra my surgeon out back on me so I'll post a pic of them later. The drugs are lifesaving. And I am sleeping a lot. I'm losing track of time and my husband is the best nurse ever.

Bandages off

Husband did some maintenance and cleaned my dressings and changed my clothes. Spruced me up. Here I am in the raw 4 days in


Omg. The sneezing. And coughing. But mostly the sneezing. Like the fires of hell

No umbilical hernia

I didn't have an umbilical hernia. Yay! I did have a wide separation of muscle. All fixed now.

Yesterday had a rash problem

A few days ago, my drain sites were itching like crazy and red and just angry looking. No pus. But the next day the rash spread a bit. Surgeon removed the drains even though it wasn't quite time and took my off my antibiotics. The itchiness is gone. Still some redness. Already hit a little hurdle. Thinking some extra sleep will make me feel bettet

Update boob and boob incisions


The whole package

I don't have any pictures today, but am just sitting here after a nap thinking. I'm very pleased with the surgeon I chose and the sweet office staff. They have been so nice and accomidating. My questions were all answered and i can tell my surgeon knows her "stuff". The way she looked at my before body I could tell she was using her artistic ability to Fix me up, if that makes sense. I was able to take a shower after my drain holes swabbed enough and my belly button is adorable. That is one thing that scared me. Having an odd one since it needed to be basically redone. It is perfect. My breasts are obviously still super new and very firm, but very pretty. And my tummy is healing and slightly retaining fluid, but is so flat and gorgeous looking. No more huge wrinkles. No more gobs of skin. It is so amazing to have this body now. And healing will only improve me.

11 days post op

I still have that rash. I shouldn't be surprised. I constantly have dry skin and eczema. I should have forseen skin issues following this kind of surgery.

I can wear a bikini now

I can wear this bikini. It's from when I was breastfeeding my first baby. I didn't even fill it out this well when I was nursing her.

Just before 4 weeks post op

3 weeks , 6 days. They are still sort of tight. Pretty soft. The tape fell off of my right breast incision today in the shower so thought I would update with scar pics. Almost done with my 6 weeks of healing. Then it's just a waiting game for drop and fluff. ?

5 weeks post op

My breasts have dropped more and feel softer. My stomach is feeling better, but gets so swollen at the end of the day. I'm still not doing much. My belly button is having a tiny bit of trouble healing, but not too bad. I went in to see Dr wu and she assured me it is ok. I just need to clean it twice a day with half strength hydrogen peroxide. I'm so excited about my results so far and I know there is much healing to be done. I'm glad my breasts have lost a lot of the swelling already. I was a little worried about how big they looked, but they have healed into a much better size. Lol. Yay!

29 Year Old, Stretched Skin from Pregnancy and 4 Years of Breastfeeding

am so happy I was able to do this. My saggy tiny breasts have been filled out and my protruding stretched out stomach has been fixed up. I got fairly large with my son, my last baby, and it was too much for my small frame. I'm a 112 pound woman, normally, so gaining 50 pounds was stressful to my body. And I breastfed straight for 4 years. My daughter weaned when she was 2 and i was 4 months pregnant with my son. I think, between them both, they sucked the fat out of my breasts, because when I lost the weight from my son, my breasts were just flat pancakes on my chest. I was so depressed. I worked so hard to get my body back and i couldn't because my stomach muscles were destroyed and my breasts made me feel so embarrassed, I wouldn't take my shirt off in front of my husband anymore. He said he didn't think there was a problem with them since I had fed his children and he loved my body however it looked, but I had major personal issues with them. I felt like a preteen. I wore 32 A or 34 AA bras. It was horrible. I don't know my bra size yet, as I'm not quite 6 weeks post op, but it will be fun to see if I'm at least a B now. That's what I was whole I was breastfeeding and i loved my full breasts. They are so perky now. And my stomach is so tight and flat with such a cute belly button.

6 week post op update

Here is a little demonstration of softness at 6 weeks post op. They are pretty soft. Still tad bit of firmness. I have to be patient for my breast skin to fully accommodate these implants . I probably won't update for a while unless something drastic changes between now and 3 months post op

12 week update

Sorry, the mirror is dirty. My kids brush their teeth in front of it and it gets gross the next day after cleaning. Anyway, this is week 12 since my surgery. My breasts are still a bit numb. My stomach is completely numb still. Breasts are far apart, but that is my anatomy. They have always been far apart. They are nice and soft and feel great. The scars are softening on the breasts and the stomach. My belly button is less swollen inside finally. I'm experiencing a lot of evening swelling in my abdomen still. Especially low near my incision.
Modesto Plastic Surgeon

I'm still in the beginning stages, only 10 days in, but am loving the look of everything. Wonderful staff, professional and nice , talented surgeon. I would recommend her time and time again. Dr Wu is very nice. She explained the surgery in detail at the consultation and went over many important implant details. I was able to try on sizers in the office as well as borrow sizers to take home. I felt very confident in my size decision after trying them on for a whole day. Dr Wu and the patient coordinator made me feel so comfortable with everything. I saw the before and after pictures of Dr Wu's work and I knew I wanted her to perform my surgery. She does amazing work. About a year before the consultation, my husband was a little unsure about a mommy makeover for me, but he is very impressed with what she was able to achieve. I got my flat tummy back and i have even better breasts than I had before having kids.

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