Mixed Results with Restylane

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I tried Restylane twice - once in my nasiolabial...

I tried Restylane twice - once in my nasiolabial folds and once in my marionette lines. I would definitely recommend it for NL folds; I had it injected there last year with fantastic results. I didn’t feel a thing and it filled out the lines wonderfully.

My marionette lines, on the other hand, didn’t go so well. First of all I should mention that I have chubby cheeks so they are much deeper, but I didn’t find that Restylane did a damn thing to help. Some results would have been nice. This was earlier this year and I did it specifically because of the success with my NL folds.

I went to two different doctors but I don’t think that is the difference in my results. The more I read the more I find Restylane is for very fine lines. Products like Juvederm are meant for deeper lines and creases. However, I don’t know why a board-certified dermatologist would dispense Restylane for deep lines if he didn’t think it would work. If that’s not what it’s for then he shouldn’t do it.

One thing I would never do is go to a spa for injections (you know those beauty spas that sprung up when Botox came out?). I will probably try Juvederm in my marionette lines next but I will go to a real doctor. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t pay a little more just for this peace of mind; after all, someone is sticking needles and injecting things into your face. You kinda want them to know what they’re doing!

So next for me is Juvederm and I might try that in my NL folds too and see what I prefer there. I think Restylane is cheaper but that’s not the only factor I’ll look at.
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