Had 1 treatment on Bra lovehandles - Mixed Results - Knoxville, TN

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*Treatment results may vary

More treatments purchased=cheaper price. I bought...

More treatments purchased=cheaper price. I bought 12 for $425. each. Everybody will react different because different areas of my own body have. Had 1 treatment on Bra lovehandles, (minimal swelling and pain) They were pretty good size and they were completly gone in 4 days. 1 treatment to neck (swelled huge for 1 week- no redness)5 weeks later it looks great. Inner thighs 1 treatment(swelled huge-bad redness) 4 weeks later not much difference. Left side looks purplish,have nodules. Lovehandles 2 treatments(swelled huge-redness 1 time) 5 weeks later. Could tell difference before 2nd treatment yesterday-now swollen again from treatment) Upper and Lower abs same as lovehandles. 2nd treatment had same pain but did not turn red like sunburn. HRC informed me of all side effects before I had any treatments. They also told me not to expect alot weight loss but inch lose. They said 1in. =1lb of fat loss. I do agree they should tell you more about length of down time. They also give Tramadol for pain and Soma for sleep. These helped alot.
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