Lots of discomfort after, lots of swelling and redness - Mixed Results - Glastonbury, CT

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4 treatments.  Lots of discomfort after, lots...

4 treatments.  Lots of discomfort after, lots of swelling and redness, e.g. couldn't really go anywhere for at least a day, preferably a couple of days (and that's w/constant ice packs, lots of makeup).

After the flaking stage, I actually loved my skin, it looked beautiful.  However, about 9 months after my last treatment I went to Florida.  Even though I was lathered w/sunscreen and reapplied every 1/2 hours, I ended up with bad melasma typle brown areas--seem to mirror some of the laser passes in shape.  These have not gone away, even though it's been 10 months since the melasma 1st appeared.  I am leery of spending additional $$$ on fraxel, though my doctor insists that this is the cure for my melasma.

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I don't think the doctor and staff spent enough time, were clear enough about the possible negative side effects...they downplayed the melasma side effect as being more common in folks w/darker skin.

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