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The first time I got permanent make-up, I got my...

The first time I got permanent make-up, I got my eyebrows and eyeliner done.  I hated the results (or lack thereof).  No one could even tell that I had gotten the procedures done.  It was extremely painful, even though the woman who did it supposedly put some numbing gel on my eyes beforehand.  My eyebrows are thinning out toward the middle and now the hair doesn't even grow back at all!  I think she killed the hair follicles or something.  She re-did it twice and it still didn't show up.  I went to someone else who did a somewhat better job, but she made an arch to my eyebrow that wasn't there before, and you can still see the remnants of the old tattoo beneath it, so I have to put a lot of make-up on to cover up the old tattoo.  The color is a bit odd and it doesn't look natural.  They have something out now called a "3-D eyebrow tattoo" that claims to look more realistic and they say they can remove the old eyebrow tattoo, so I'll look into that as soon as this starts to fade.  I would love to get thicker eyeliner tattooed, but it was more painful than childbirth and I don't think I can tolerate it again!

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Dolly was very thorough and seemed to care about the final result, and whether I was happy with the results.

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