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I paid in full for smart lipo of the flanks, arms...

I paid in full for smart lipo of the flanks, arms and inner thighs. I also paid in full for a complete tummy tuck. My issues are not with the results---but with my PS office staff that continue to price gauge me.

I was told that they would be running one of my credit cards for $7,380---instead they ran it for $7,830 ( when I went to them and showed them where they wrote 7,380, the PS's wife who runs the office, said that the $500 was for a discount on multiple procedures that was applied towards the initial charge of $11,500)

As I was having my smart lipo done--my PS said he was conservative and would rather not take too much off--since we could always do that at another time. He said this in every area.

So I went back to have him take more out (because we agreed there wasn't much difference in my thighs from the before and after).

All is fine...until the secretary asks for $500 when I am leaving. I said I am not paying anything, I already paid for the procedure in full-this was still part of the initial procedure since he was admittingly conservative with removal. The secretary actually told me to just pay $250, I said no. She said, "how about $150 and I am sure Chris (PS's wife) will let it go".

I said no. Definitely getting a feeling of unprofessionalism. The secretary winked and said she would talk to Chris, while I am looking at her in disbelief.

Now I get a bill ( 3 months later )for $450, with a note attached to go to collection. What do I do? I have heard this PS's office has done this to someone else, so I feel that it is the principal AND I now am not comfortable going back to him for his "ONE FREE TOUCH UP" that they advertise. I feel that I should take legal action, and possibly turn the office into a medical board (he is a board certified physician)...but I am not sure how to do it. Any ideas? I am really frustrated---I know whats right and wrong, and this is definitely WRONG.
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Office staff--namely dishonest wife who is very unprofessional and greedy

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