My Breast Reduction Road - Missouri

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The idea of a breast reduction was first mentioned...

The idea of a breast reduction was first mentioned to me by a osteopathic physician I was seeing for my back when I was 21. I thought he was crazy...I was embarrassed, and quickly dismissed the idea. I continued to struggle with back pain and headaches, which were complicated by a back injury caused by a drunk driver. OMTs, chiropractors, and physical therapy are a constant in my life.

Physicians over the years have recommended the procedure, but I spent my 30s having my 2 babies, breastfeeding, and running around after toddlers and then preschoolers.

A physical therapist recently explained why my ribs won't stay in place, mainly because of the stress of my 42G size breasts. I thought about it again and decided my daughters are old enough and I'm ready. I'm getting more and more excited about it - mainly the after factory versions, not going through the surgery and recovery. I'm nervous will I look, how will 'the girls' look? Am I doing the right thing? How will I explain this to my kids? I want them to be proud of their bodies and here I am changing mine forever. Then I think about how I will feel when it is over and how I will feel 20+ years down the road if I don't do this. I've decided this is the right thing to do.

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