Liposuction Caused Me to Become a Type I Diabetic - Mississippi, MS

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I had a rare but horrible complication as a result...

I had a rare but horrible complication as a result of having a small amount of tumescent liposuction done to my abdomen in 2003. Basically, the trauma of the procedure caused me to become a Type I diabetic. (Before that I had always had perfectly normal blood sugar.) I was 47 at the time and in good health. What I have been told may have happened was that the liposuction crushed some fat cells, which as I understand is a common occurrence during the procedure, and that the toxins then traveled to my liver, which released even more virulent toxins into the pancreas. The pancreas then responded with an autoimmune attack. I have had to live with being a Type I diabetic for more than ten years now. I cannot believe that I did this to myself. I have to take at least seven to nine injections a day (I'm getting a pump soon). I also wear a continuous blood glucose monitor as well as having to check my blood sugar with a finger stick at least two to four times a day. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Liposuction is in my opinion an extremely dangerous procedure.
I do not wish to say

The doctor was supposedly highly qualified; still I've always wondered why no one in my home state (or at least in western Tennessee) offers this procedure; I believe that it must be because it is known to be dangerous; I contacted the doctor and told him what had happened but he denied that liposuction could have caused me to "convert" to being a Type I diabetic; still I have heard that physical trauma, plus the release of toxins stored in fat cells to protect the body, can indeed cause this to happen. And believe me you never, never want to do anything to cause yourself to become a Type I diabetic. My diabetes is very severe and believe me it is a horrible way to live.

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