Wanting Explant and Am Looking for a Surgeon in Mississippi

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I am a mother of three Littles (6,4, and 9 months)...

I am a mother of three Littles (6,4, and 9 months). I am 34 and have had implants for 14 years. I believe that I have decided I want them out. I haven't met with a doc yet but I believe this is what I want. I havent had any problems with them but when I had them done mu only concern was for me having larger boobs. They are a lot larger now after 3 babies and breastfeeding all of them.

I'd like to have a consultaton woth a dr to see cost and types of procedure options.

Do any of you have any plastic surgeon reccomendations in the central Mississippi area? I'm willing to travel some but with three little ones I can't go too far.

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